SHL Speaker to address Thursday meeting
Ted Hubert

History is being made in the Milano Senior Citizens Center at 5 p.m. Thursday, June 4.

To my knowledge Milam County has never had the Texas Silver Haired Speaker-of-the-House bring a program before

Walter Graham will speak on the "Purpose and History" of the Texas Silver Haired Legislature.

"Seniors helping seniors" is a motto that can be claimed by several organizations. The Texas Silver Haired Legislature is such a group.

The membership is limited to around 117 people elected by the Texas Area Agencies on Aging which is a department of the Council of Governments.

Milam County TRIAD fits this category and the elderly are the beneficiaries of the efforts made by these small groups.

It is important to mention that all members of the TSHL are volunteers and not supported from taxpayers. These volunteers work for improving the quality of life of older Texans.

Leaders with the responsibility of overseeing our societies recognize problems and enact plans to eliminate existing and future problems. Many small groups, working to improve the lives of us all, are good and honorable endeavors and it deserves our support.

The problems senior citizens have on a daily basis are serious and should be addressed, particularly to the innocent and vulnerable seen as prey by the wicked and evil doers in our society.

The AARP, International Association of Chiefs of Police, and the National Sheriff's Association faced these problems in 1988. During the meetings of these small organizations a concept was born to open lines of communication between senior citizens and law enforcers. This is designed to flow in both directions. The concept needed a name, so the three groups agreed to call it TRIAD, which simple means a group of three.

Every state in the union is encouraged to organize a TRIAD unit. When Milam County entered its agreement with the State of Texas, Attorney General Office, 111 TRIADs were previously signed into existence. Unfortunately Texas now has fewer than 112 today. Milam County was the 112th TRIAD in Texas.

The local entities appoint members to serve on the SALT committee. This selected small group of nine Milam County residents govern the TRIAD unit. SALT is an anagram that means Seniors And Lawmen Together.

Purpose of TRIAD is to offer information and other benefits to Milam County residents. There are no dues, fees or any other need to get money from anyone. It is truly volunteerism in the truest sense. No hidden agendas. Always dedicated to serve and protect our elderly.

Some people classified as elderly may not feel old at all, however the AARP now recognizes people as elderly at the age of 50. This is 5 years less that the original 55 years of age as it started.

Margaret Mead said "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Now you have it. Will you be part of this history? Will you support this effort to inform you of vital information?

Will you call someone to attend with you? The plans were made with your needs and interest used as top priority. Come to this program and be home by dark.

Do you need to register for TRIAD? Do you need a refrigerator card? Do you need an emergency cell phone? Do you have questions? MCT is obligated to bring quality programs to you.

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