Sales tax rebates falter

Rockdale shows sizeable drop in monthly total; hospital district sales tax loss measured first time

It appears Rockdale's monthly sales tax totals are finally reflecting the decline in construction at Sandow 5.

Rockdale's June sales tax rebate check will be $50,961, a 15.6 decrease from last year's June check. The big difference? Last June there were still about 1,500 persons working on Luminant's Sandow 5 power plant unit.

But this June construction is virtually complete at the worksite. The unit is under a court order to be on line by the end of August.

Impact of Alcoa's closing is harder to assess. Layoffs were completed in February but Rockdale's sales tax rebates stayed reasonably healthy. The May total increased by 11 percent.

Rockdale's year-to-date sales tax total of $392,474 is still 7.9 percent ahead of last year's pace.

For the first time, the Rockdale Hospital District's monthly total reflected that entity's loss of sales tax in areas annexed into the city since 2002.

The state quit channeling that money to the district on April 1.

Rockdale Hospital District's total of $15,581 was down 47 percent from the June, 2008, total.

In May, voters approved a Municipal Development District to be funded with that sales tax portion which is no longer rebated to the hospital.

The state sales tax figures do not yet reflect rebates for that new entity.

Milam County continues a year-long decline in sales tax rebates. Monthly total of $61,040 was 47.9 percent below last June and the year-to-date total of $625,408 is 22.2 percent off the pace set in 2008.

And the City of Taylor continues to show sizeable decreases. Taylor's June check of $236,328 was 24.2 percent below June, 2008 and the year-to-date figure of $1,520,257 is 30.9 percent.

But there are bright spots. Hearne continued to post increases for 2008. The June total of 60,894 is up 15.3 percent from June, 2008, and Hearne's year-to-date total of $400.411 surpasses 2008's by 8.4 percent.

The City of Milano showed increases for both the month and year.

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