Rockdale is country living at its best'

Dear editor,

I've lived in Rockdale twice, both for short times.

The first time was about two years ago when Alcoa was the driving force in the economy.

I was employed at the Kountry Inn motel reservation desk. We were always full with workers in all the time but I could feel a change not only for myself but for Rockdale.

I moved to Bowie until the recent wildfires. Most of my possessions were burned along with my former home there.

I returned to Rockdale on a prayer. Thanks to my two wonderful sons for giving me a place (home ) to come back to.

I soon realized how things had changed in the economy, not the people, in two years.

Roger and Stella Booker gave me my old job back even though they are feeling higher taxes and less income themselves.

Rockdale is lucky to have business owners and citizens like the Bookers. Of course their greatest gift to the community is their daughter, Becky. I love her and her parents.

I'm back on my feet and headed west to new adventures this time around.

I can see Rockdale's future full of growth and country living at its best. Truth is you won't be able to stop the city folks from claiming a piece of your paradise here.

Hang in there, as I have, and count your many blessings. Sometimes we can't see the forest for the trees.

Until we meet again, God bless you all.

Paula Baker

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