Leave Guantanamo inmates where they are

Dear editor,

When other countries are hit by earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, or any other kind of disaster, the United States takes the lead in furnishing food, clothing, shelter and medicine for the needy.

Yet there are some people who try to convince us that the U.S. is an evil nation that is too rough on those terrorists at Guantanamo.

It looks like some of the ultra liberals are more concerned about the comfort of the terrorists than they are in the safety of innocent people.

Looks like the president is too concerned about the inmates at Guantanamo. He's willing to spend millions to relocate those dangerous criminals.

Why not just leave them at Guantanamo unless it's determined that they're not a threat to society? Is Obama more interested in pleasing the leaders of other nations and the United Nations than in doing what's best for our country?

Millions of good people voted for Obama, hoping to put a Democrat in the White House but the man in the White House looks more like a socialist.

He's trying to micro manage too many private businesses.

Charles Helmer 100096 North FM 487

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