Reunion events run the gamut of food and fun

We all had a great time at the 70th LaGrone Family Reunion (see story at right).

Even though the weather was very hot and dry we had fun anyway. I guess being out in the country, without a lot of asphalt, there was a nice breeze, even during the day on Sunday.

And of course, besides some great company and conversation, there was mucho great food.

On Friday night we visited, ate grilled hamburgers and gladly gave thanks for all that we have.

Saturday was music and homemade ice cream night (Phillip and Sarah Lopez' Big Red ice cream is an annual favorite) and I'd say we had us a LaGrone Jamboree.

Local favorite Broken Chains played and sang and soon invited other family members to join in. Music is a time-honored tradition at the LaGrone Reunion.

It was also the 5th annual LaGrone muster, a night to remember those loved ones who had gone on before us.

Since this was the 70th Reunion, names were read of those who had passed long ago. Then my brother's name was called for those who had died in the past year. It was a beautiful ceremony that includes lighting candles and I got goose bumps when Kevin's name was called.

Family friends Weldon Alford and J.C. Moore were also remembered.

Of course, there was food. We also ate hot dogs and chili and planned more of the festivities for the following day.

Sunday is the big reunion, all during the day. There was volleyball, basketball and softball for all the crazies who dared.

Bill even took our nephew Will and his little friend Peyton fishing. I introduced my nephews Will and Esten to my giant nephews 26-year-old Steve, 24- year-old Brian (who both stand 6-foot-4) and 11-year-old Alex.

I could see Steve off in a distance by the tank. He still looked huge even though he was standing beside a big truck.

I told Will "See that big guy in the green shirt out there? That's mine and Bill's oldest nephew, Steve."

He squinted his eyes, looked at Steve, then looked at me and said "nuh-uh" which I am pretty sure means "No, he's not either." He didn't know nephews actually came in that size.

And as for food on Sunday, the word smorgasbord comes to mind. There was every kind of BBQ'd meat and varmint you can imagine, along with some really great side dishes, salads and desserts.

I've been asked to share my potatoes recipe that I made for Sunday, so I will.

Smashed Potatoes

I made a huge batch with 20 pounds of potatoes but you can certainly half this recipe.

Cook two large onions and a couple of garlic cloves in some olive oil and one stick of butter.

I also used a little bacon grease left over from some baked beans I had just made. (Hey, I didn't say they were healthy potatoes!)

Add one can of chicken broth to cooked onions and garlic. Add your cut up potatoes and cook at 350 for about two hours.

When there's 20-30 minutes left to cook, take pan out of oven and add a block of cheddar cheese cut up. After cooking is completely finished, let potatoes set.

Add 16 ounces sour cream. Season to taste.


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