Early Cameron: 'Hotel,' gunsmith, mill

This is the first in a series on Milam County's early settlers.

Little is known about the area we know as Milam County between the years of 1757 and 1826.

This new frontier was sparsely settled wild county when pioneers began making their way here.

Buffalo, bear, deer, antelope and all kinds of small game roamed the area. Alligators filled the rivers as did all kinds of fish.

An unknown author pub- lished "A Short Sketch-History" containing the account of some early settlers to Milam County.

this time in history, Milam included the areas which were to become Bell, Coryell, Lampasas, Hamilton, Comanche and Brown counties.

By 1850, Milam County boundaries were reduced to the area we know today.

F. M. Cross was born in Mississippi in 1834. He moved to the state of Missouri, before coming to Cameron in Milam County in 1846.

At that time Cameron was the county seat of one of the most western organized areas in that part of Texas.

From h is memoi r s, Cross remembered the cour thouse being made of clapboards measuring 14 feet by 16 feet, a mere hut.

There was one dry goods store kept by C. N. Huby and a grocery store run by "Uncle Joel" Blair.

The population of Cameron included the families of Huby, Blair and Inglebarger.

The Inglebargers lived in a log cabin and as people passed their cabin, they got dinner with the family so the Ingelbarger residence soon was called a hotel.

Another family, by the name of Stokes, lived a half mile from the grocery store and claimed to live "in town."

All of the other families did recognize them as residents as they had the only mill to grind meal in the area.

The mill was run by physical power, so if you wanted your meal ground, each man had to do his own grinding.

The remainder of the population included Dr. Flemmin, a bachelor, the T. J. Nabors family and a Trotter family.

Mr. Trotter was a fine gunsmith and kept busy as everybody had to have firearms in good condition to protect themselves from the Indians.

Research: "A Short Sketch- History of Milam County" Author unknown.

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