Hottest June ever!

June busted out all over Rockdale in 2009 if you're talking about sheer oppressive, suffocating heat.

The month which ended Tuesday was the hottest June in the 88 years U.S. Weather Service has kept records for Rockdale.

Highlights (very "high" lights) included:

• Eighteen days of temperatures reaching at least 100 degrees. Old record for June was 17 set in 1998.

• Those 18 days were consecutive, June 12-29, and that's also a record. Old consecutive highs of 100 record for the month was 13, June 12-24, 1998.

• Eight highs of 103 or higher breaks the old June record of five, also set in 1998.

The only June, 1998, record still on the books is the one-day high temperature of 109 set June 14 of that year.

But it was close. The mercury climbed to 108 twice this June on the 24th and 29th. There was also a high of 107, two of 106 and one of 105.

A cool front Tuesday produced a high of only 85 and ended Rockdale's string of 100- degree plus days at 18.

That's just two days short of Rockdale's all-time, any month consecutive 100-degree days string of 20, set in July, 1998.

What made 1998 Rockdale's all-time hottest year was that June was just a prelude to even hotter times. Before that summer was over there were 42 more days of 100-degree plus heat for a total of 59.

Now, here comes July.


1998 2009
100-degree highs 17 18
Consecutive 100-degree 13 18
Highest temperature 109 108
Days 103 or higher 5 8

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