Store defender lacks objectivity in 'vision'

Dear editor,

This is in response to the Letter to the Editor of July 2 by Carolyn Boyd regarding her perception of the "vision" for Rockdale in denying a re-zone application from residential to commercial at 614 Ackerman.

I would hope our "vision" for Rockdale is a shared goal that would br ing the communit y together to embrace everyone's "vision" collectively in a democratic and objective way.

The denial of a "nice, upscale antique shop" from opening in a residential Original Town Rockdale neighborhood demonstrates sound judgement from the community.

We are happy to welcome new business to a host of other great hometown businesses at a time when economic development is so needed.

How exciting that this business has chosen Rockdale but to choose a residential location is far fetched at best. It's not in downtown.

Zoning codes and regulations allow city government, with input from residents, the ability to ensure the best and highest use of land in character with the surroundings to benefit the residents in the best manner possible.

Good city planning and enforceable zoning laws prevent health and safety hazards, general maintenance issues and in cohesive neighborhoods which negatively impact the entire community.

Why have zoning codes if we simply disregard them? Allowing anything anywhere in town?

In talking with my family and many other residents of Rockdale, I have found that the feeling is mutual. Allow our residential neighborhood to be just that, our homes, not a business.

I encourage my neighbors receiving letters regarding the city council's new directive to re-zone all our residential homes on Ackerman Street (FM 487 nor th) and Main Street (FM 908 north) to call the city office, write a response or appear at the required public hearings in opposition to the proposed change of zoning in our neighborhood.

In my 54 years of residence on Ackerman Street I can in good conscience say "let's deny the rezoning of 614 Ackerman (again) along with your home and mine and get Rockdale moving in the right direction.

Mary Ann Talley 632 Ackerman Rockdale

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