Future must begin now for Rockdale backers

Dear editor,

As a member of the Rockdale Chamber of Commerce Ambassadors, I have been enthused along with some of the leaders at the possibilities that could lie ahead for Rockdale.

Having such wonderful people in this community, there is no reason why we couldn't become another "Round Top" or "Old Town Spring."

We have a talented and willing force within our town.

That thought in mind, however, why is it that some of our leaders have made decisions that put excessive hardships on some businesses (the motels) and refuse to rezone to welcome others?

Doesn't that seem strange to you?

At a recent meeting, Joyce Ford said, "We're always talking about the future of Rockdale. When does the future begin?"

We need for the future to begin now.

The future needs to see us being "business friendly" where we provide information to newcomers about what is necessary to start a business here.

We need to provide more, and better locations. I understand that some of the businesses that have had to close in the downtown area were influenced to do so because of the high rent, the high utilities, and sometimes the buildings not being kept up.

I don't know if this is true, but I ask you as owners of buildings downtown to consider lowering the rent where possible, and to make the building safe and as economical for utilities as possible.

Then let's put together a packet of how to start a business here in Rockdale.

Let's show the folks steps to take and things to keep in mind. We want new businesses to have good experiences in setting up here, and we need to support them as a community as they open.

Finally, Rockdale will probably never be an Austin, College Station, or Houston, but it can be a great place to shop if we support our businesses.

Have a great day and shop Rockdale.

Margo Gilless

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