Cross families pioneered in two counties

This is the second in a series on Milam County history between 1750 and 1840.

The father of F. M. Cross came to Cameron in 1846. He purchased two lots that cost $12.50 each.

He built a log cabin on one of the lots where they lived during the winter and through the spring of the next year.

A great many settlers coming to this part of Texas located on the Brazos and Little Rivers. Cross was venturesome and wanted to pursue the untamed frontier, so he sold those two lots for $25.

He had thought he could make a profit by doubling his money, but decided he had done well since the shelter more than paid for their lodging during the short time they lived there.

The Cross family went on up the Little River and stopped in what was known as the John L. Marshall Valley.

They built another log cabin and planted a corn crop on Knob Creek, near the Pilot Knobs.

They planted a field of corn and made a good crop without having to fence it to keep out the varmints.

They did have to run off the buffalo throughout the day. The Cross family decided to move far ther nor th to explore the unsettled area so they headed in that direction.

They settled on the Lampasas River on what was known as the old Shanklin Ranch which was about 30 miles northwest of Cameron.

A ll this territor y was still under the jurisdiction of Milam County.

There was lots of wild game in this area: buffalo, bear, deer, antelope and all kinds of small game from the wolf on down.

The rivers were full of alligators and fish of all types. Cross bought and settled four more locations before Bell County was organized.

The Cross children attended school in a small school one mile above the three forks of the Little River.

The Cross family act ua lly settled four places before Bell County was named a county.

F. M. Cross, one of the children remembered old Major Bryant. He spoke of Bryant's Station as being a resort to those settlers during trouble times with the Indians.

F. M. spoke of people coming in so fast looking for land that it caused the division of land north of Milam County to be separated out and named Bell County

Research: "A Short Sketch-History by F. M. Cross."

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