New zoning ahead for main streets

Process under way to give FM 908, FM 487 'commercial' designation
By KEN ESTEN COOKE Reporter Publisher

A zoning conflict for an antiques store in a residential area has led to the start of the process to make it open for business.

Rockdale City Council members met Monday and agreed to rezone several areas of town "C-2" for commercial use. Councilman Allan Miller and Tom Fisher voted for the re-zone while Gerry Offield dissented, preferring a less-impactful "C-1" or light commercial designation.

With many residents in the area, Offield expressed concern that "a garage could open." But Lon Williams said businesses would still have to meet other requirements with lot sizes, having paved parking and more. Separate "industrial" zoning would be required for even heavier use.

Offield said a C-1 zoning could give the city more regulatory control against heavier use businesses near residences. But Miller favored less regulation and a more business friendly environment, saying the C-2 zoning "would prevent that, like with the situation we're in now" with the antiques shop.

The new zoning was put in place along Main (FM 908) and Ackerman (FM 487) streets north of San Andres street to the city limits, along Oak Street (FM 908 South) from Mill Street to the southern city limits, and along Wilcox Street to the southern city limits and along East Belton to the manufactured home park near US 77.

Councilman J.T. Talley, who objected to the antiques store being two houses from his personal home, was called away from the council meeting on a family emergency. (Griffin Rogers and Willie Phillips were not present.)

School zone signals

The council also directed new City Manager Kelvin Knauf to work with the Texas Department of Transportation to establish school zones with a 35-mile-perhour speed limit and f lashing lights near the new intermediate campus.

The council also:

• Heard from Public Works Director David Akin that the street sweeper repairs are near completion and that machine should be working again soon.

• Placed Richard Henderson, Joyce Dalley and Walter Hurd on a Building Standards Board that will hear cases involving demolition of dilapidated properties. The board will decide on demolition versus remodel and assign a timetable for work to be completed. Alternates to that board are Elmo Miller, Matt Lehmkuhl and Jay Rubio.

• The council also approved an agreement with KSA Engineers for $38,400 to design a 20-inch wastewater line extending 2,000 feet from the wastewater treatment plant. The expanded line will help with flow from the east side.

• Authorized purchase of a vehicle for wastewater operations for $12,002 from Miller-Starnes Chevrolet. Councilman Miller abstained.

• Heard Margie Hays ask about potential assistance with a place of residence for her mother and sister. PROPOSED COMMERCIAL (C-2) ZONING: • Main Street (FM 908) and Ackerman (FM 487) north of San Andres Street to city limit. • Oak Street (FM 908) south of Mill Street, including parts of Sixth and Mulberry, to southern city limits. • Wilcox Street (FM 487) south of railroad tracks to southern city limits. • Belton Avenue east of Yoakum Street to mobile home park.

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