'Break the chain' on bogus e-mails

E-mails are forwarded without regard to the truth of their contents. If it sounds good and you agree then hit the forward button and off it goes.

More often than not you send the article to everyone in your address book.

You have no control over the many people who have your address in their computer. The forwarded mail goes somewhere. Is it for good or bad?

There's no way for the general public to know how many messages are received from someone who purchased a list of e-mail addresses.

An easy way to protect the addresses on forward messages, is to delete all of the addresses prior to forwarding. Highlight all the addresses and hit "delete."

Let's begin a plan regarding the forwarding of e-mail messages.

First, is this really important to send? Is it factual, honest and true?

It is easy to check these emails out on or

You've read about the Lee Marvin and Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) serving in the military together, have you not? It is not true according to www.snopes.

The one about Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming is not true either.

For those that want to read more about this, go to www. then type in Winston Churchill and Alexander Fleming.

How did Robert Tucker get an address in Milam County? Was it from a forwarded e-mail? Mr. Tucker says he is the senior auditor of a bank that has an interest in investing in the United States of America.

I don't know him but I probably know more about him than he knows about me. He does not know my name. He begins his offer with a simple "hello."

He says a sum of money was found during one of his routine duties. This account has $9.5 million in it. One half is the bait.

Tucker doesn't have my telephone number, because he is asking that I send it to him. He wants me to send my telephone number to him.

It turns out he is in Germany. Now both of us know where the other lives.

The world is getting smaller every day from the internet.

In the good old days the thieves lived in your neighborhood. In this case the crook lives in Europe. Robert lives in Germany, yet he can steal from you remotely.

The next time you start to forward information to someone in your address book, or if you are thinking about sending the e-mail to everyone in your address book, check into its authenticity.

Now you know how to do that. You do not want to send out false information. When you find that the data is true and honest, then think about deleting the other addresses carried with the e-mail.

It is easy and with little effort on your part.

Do you really want your name attached to this mail?

The best rule of thumb according to is to delete and do not forward. This organization strongly suggests that you literally break the chain.

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