Warranty Deeds

Ida Faye Crouch Morgan to Kenneth R. Kessler - Lot 10 and west 10 feet of Lot 11, Block 7, Gause (v. 1,104, p. 435).

Craig C. Collins and Amy E. Collins to Lola Whitehead - Lot 20, Block 1, Country Club Estates (v. 1,104, p. 441).

Sarah Ellen Crim Whiteley, attorney in-fact, and Julius R. Whiteley to Nicholas Reeves and Holli Reeves - Lot 3, Block A, Linwood Acres, Section 1, Rockdale (v. 1,104, p. 564).

Donald Mulford and Susan Mulford to Charles Edward Guillote and Laura Sarro Guillote - 0.56 acre, J.J. Acosta Survey A-1 (v. 1,104, p. 616).

Stanley Budnik, David Larry Hodges and Theresa Hodges to Trancito M. Cruz and Elsa F. Cruz - 10.264 acres, Sterrett Dobbins Survey A-142 (v. 1,104, p. 718).

Veterans Land Board, State of Texas and Midfirst Bank to Secretary of Veterans Affairs - two tracts (v. 1,104, p. 827).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor's Lien

Dott Marie Patterson et al to Michael Elliott and Rita Elliott - Lots 8-9, Block 1, Terral Heights No. 2, Cameron (v. 1,104, p. 396).

Long Beach Mortgage Loan Trust, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., trustee, to Daniel Balluch - 1.613 acres, William Pharrase Survey (v. 1,104, p. 478).

Kim Filla to Davis M. Denny III and Melanie M. Denny - 11.049 acres, J.L. Liendo Survey (v. 1,104, p. 498).

Jack Marich Estate, Jackie Marich Walker, independent executrix, to Richard Thompson II - 17.15 acres, Miguel Davila Survey (v. 1,104, p. 532).

Jesse William Perry and Alice Marie Perry to Timothy P. Hines and Jennifer J. Antolik - 45.372 acres, Frederick Ernst Survey A-151 (v. 1,104, p. 580).

Jack O. Hailes Jr. and David B. Hailes to Willmond L. Maresh - 31.72 acres and 65.61 acres, Jose Antonio DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,104, p. 597).

JVann Properties LC, Jimmie Vann, president, to Robert Irvin Stewart and Jacquelyn Darlene Stewart - Lot 4, Woodson Addition (v. 1,104, p. 709).

Alcoa Inc. to Robert C. Moore and Barbara J. Moore - Lot 17, Block 1, Section 1, Country Club Estates (v. 1,104, p. 797).

Special Warranty Deed

Lonnie Gene Felfe to Michael L. Patschke - 92.7 acres, Powers and Voight Surveys (v. 1,104, p. 735).

Quitclaim Deed

Jay S. Pearce to Bailey Bartow McAnulty and Charlotte Ann McAnulty - Lot 5D, Block 2, Northwest Thorndale (v. 1,104, p. 475).

Mineral Deeds Richard R. Tumlinson to Tumlinson Coffee Partnership LP - see instrument (v. 1,104, p. 469, 472).

Joseph L. Sanger Family Trust, John H. Sanger and Robert C. Sanger, co-trustees, to John H. Sanger and Robert C. Sanger - 43 acres, T.J. Chambers Survey (v. 1,104, p. 649).

Gift Deed

Jack Colle to Jacob Richard Colle - 56.6 acres, F. Ruiz Survey (v. 1,104, p. 659).

Patricia Gray and Edgar Gray to Billy Ray Gray - 1 acre, Jose Leal Survey A-29, and 1,521.25-squarefoot access easement (v. 1,104, p. 755).

Probate Cases Filed

Denise Boynton applied for the Joe Lynn Grubbs Estate - muniment of title (PR10580).

Douglas Caroom applied for the Herbert Massengale Estate - letters testamentary (PR10581).

Charlotte Bland applied for the Ellen Bartlett Estate - letters testamentary (PR10582).

William Beason applied for the Dan Beason Estate - letters testamentary (PR10583).

Cheryl Henson applied for the Doris M. Jones Estate - muniment of title (PR10584).


Civil Cases Filed

EBCO General Contractor vs. Benitz International Enterprise dba Benitex International Enterprise - accounts, contracts, notes (33074).

Thomas Nathan Thomas vs. Essex Crane Rental Corp. - injury, damage, other (33075).

Travis Hunold vs. Russell G. Stewart and Mine Service Ltd. - injury, damage, motor vehicle (33076).

EBCO General Contractor vs. Rodney King et al - accounts, contracts, notes (33083).

Wrights Production Equipment vs. Mine Service Inc. - accounts, contracts, notes (33084).

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