Warranty Deeds

Remedios Martinez and Rosa Martinez to Javier Ibarra - part of Block 5, Cameron (v. 1,105, p. 85).

Cary L. Beason and Stacey R. Beason to William E. Beason - 0.894 acre, Juan Jose Acosta Eight League Grant A-1 (v. 1,105, p. 106).

Robert H. Brahm and Connie Brahm to Timothy Ray Brahm - three tracts, D.A. Thompson Survey (v. 1,105, p. 122).

Marcene Ann Perry et al to Gause Independent School District trustees - 23.05 acres and 7.88 acres, Augustine W. Sillaven Survey (v. 1,105, p. 260).

August B. Patschke Trust and August B. Patschke Estate, Norine I. Patschke, trustee, to Michael L. Patschke, Sandra L. Patschke Lemon and Dwayne A. Patschke - undivided one-third interest in 92.7 acres, Powers and Voight Surveys, and undivided one-third interest in 90 acres, Williamson and Milam Counties (v. 1,105, p. 297).

Nellie Jo Obermiller et al to Cinco Pozos LLC - 52.69 acres, Jose David Sanchez Survey A-55 (v. 1,105, p. 308).

B.R. Boswell to Wade H. Fatheree and Frieda Fatheree - tract, McCranahan Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,105, p. 316).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor's Lien

June Lester, individually and as trustee, and June Lester Revocable Living Trust to Jim A. Lloyd and Kerry M. Lloyd - 15 acres, William H. Clemons Survey, and 0.5-acre, 30-foot access easement (v. 1,104, p. 890).

Michael T. Doughty and Tamela R. Doughty to Henry Laywell and Kimberly Laywell - Lot 1, Heintz Addition (v. 1,105, p. 24).

Julius Shooter aka J.H. Shooter, agent, attorney-in-fact and individually, et al to Weslie D. Hicks and Linda S. Hicks - 16.6 acres, D.A. Thompson Survey A-398 (v. 1,105, p. 130).

La Freda Bess Fatheree et al to Neal G. Ferrell and Cynthia A. Ferrell - Lots 8-9, McCranahan Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,105, p. 324).

Special Warranty Deed

Long Beach Mortgage 2006-3, Deutsche Bank NA Trust Co., trustee, and JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, attorney in-fact, to Jo Ann Cox - 0.16 acre, Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,105, p. 340).

Probate Cases Filed

Denson Ford and Nancy Willis applied for the Ben Ford Estate - muniment of title (PR10585).

Joe Emery applied for the Alice Duncum Estate - letters testamentary (PR10586).

Marion Thomas Colley applied for the Catherine Thomas Estate - letters testamentary (PR10587).


Civil Cases Filed

City of Thorndale vs. Southwest Milam Water Supply Corp. - accounts, contracts, notes (33085).

Milam County vs. Rufus Wyatt - tax case (33090).

Milam County vs. David Bell - tax case (33091).

Milam County vs. Erma Taylor - tax case (33092).

Milam County vs. Earnest Taylor - tax case (33093).

Milam County vs. Rebecca McAnelly - tax case (33094).

Milam County vs. Henry Dykes dba Handbags & More - tax case (33095).

Milam County vs. Virgilio Rodriguez - tax case (33096).

Milam County vs. Russell Cummings II - tax case (33097).

Milam County vs. Curlin Roberson Sr. - tax case (33098).

Milam County vs. Cassie Mitchell - tax case (33099).

Milam County vs. Fannie Lovelady Spain - tax case (33100).

Milam County vs. Nell Poe - tax case (33101).

John and Gloria Henry vs. Joyce Traylor - injury, damage, motor vehicle (33104).

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