Ghana, Guam, scammer make up your mind

Corrections need to be made when mistakes happen. Last week the Midland banker, Carl Ahearn, was reported to be from Midland, Texas. The assumption here is that when a Banker is serving Midland, it is normal to think Texas.

No state was mentioned in the researched article. Carl Ahearn serves Midland, Illinois. So it fits that the same situation could happen in Texas. Chemical Banks are found in Texas, too.

Now for a scam that was sent to Milam County, Texas.

Have you heard from Ben Wills yet? This is a strange arrangement, it seems, and you will agree. The bank located in Ghana, Africa is happy to inform you of an irrevocable wire transfer amounting to $10,850,000.

The e-mail opens with the one word greeting: "Sir".

The greeting tells you that the sender probably does not know your name. It also follows that none of your personal data is known either.

This should make you more comfortable about deleting the scam attempt and it should caution you not to make any contact with these people.

Many times we give information that can cause us financial loss. If you are unknown to a con artist, you want to keep it that way. Right?

Do not respond to a phishing activity. Phishing is a term used to explain a method used to "hook" innocent people into an interaction mode.

Benjamin Wills claims to be the Director of Credit & Wire Control Dept. (CENTRAL BANK OF GHANA, ACCRA) &Coordinator of THE WEST AFRICAN PRIME FINANCIAL INSTITUTION.

The letter wants you to believe that your personal data was mishandled and you need to reprogram to re-start the money transferring process.

There is a request for you to sent your direct telephone number to establish a plan to get these funds transferred to your account in the Bank Of Guam.

You are told that you are a payment status (beneficiary) and not a category.

Ben also apologizes for this inconvenience after you had done so much. Done so much, are you kidding? This is the first contact you have had with Benjamin Wills and hopefully the last.

Your representative from the Bank of Guam has the tools to release these funds and the Bank's address, routing number (12105115 plus the name of your beneficiary, Joseph Hara Salas are given).

Benjamin then gives notice that he found a way to reprogram the process and he made the personal decision to help.

He hopes that you will compensate him for his efforts.

The hitch is that you must approve of his handling your account.

This is how he expects to learn all of your personal information.

Your name is not mentioned but the pronoun, you, is used often.

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