District misses federal AYP goal

Special education test brings improvement warning for 'No Child' program

One week af ter receiv ing its best accountability ratings scorecard from the Texas Education Agency in years, the Rockdale ISD got its scores in the federal No Child Left Behind program.

This time the rankings weren't as good.

Although all three RISD campuses met the federal adequate yearly progress (AYP), the district as a whole did not.

The district's "fails to meet AYP" rating came about because of Rockdale's performance on the TAKS-M (modified) test which is administered to some special education students.

"It involves both the number of students taking the TAKS-M exam and the results of that exam," Penny Curry, assistant superintendent for instruction, said.

Special ed testing

"We are making progress," Curry said. "It just sickens me to get this kind of rating for a second straight year because I know the effort our instructors are putting in."

Curry said each Rockdale campus is implementing strategies for general education teachers to provide "early interventions" for students who under the previous traditional process would have been identified as special education.

Ultimate impact will be less students taking the TAKS-M test, something which should help Rockdale in future AYP reports.

Stage One SIP

Since this is the second year for Rockdale to miss its reading AYP goals, the district received a "Stage 1 SIP" indicator (warning).

SIP stands for "school in need of improvement."

Stage 1 is assigned to schools receiving Title 1 federal funding that have not met AYP for two consecutive years for the same indicator. At Stage 1, a school must develop or revise a plan to improve.

"And we are doing exactly that," Curry said. The district is revising its 2009-10 District Improvement Plan to address the special education concerns.

AYP can issue warnings all the way to "Stage 5," which would mean a school had missed AYP for the same indicator six or more years. At that point the school must implement a major restructuring.

Math improves

Last year RISD missed the goals in both reading and math.

"The good news is that math came off this year," Curry said.

At the campus level all three RISD campuses met AYP indicators.

"We're going to be there as a district next year," Curry said. "We're already making progress. We're just not quite there yet."

Rockdale ISD Missed AYP
Elementary Met AYP
Cameron ISD Missed AYP
Yoe High Met AYP
Cameron Elem. Missed AYP
Ben Milam Elem. *
Milano ISD Met AYP
Milano Elem. Met AYP
Thorndale ISD Met AYP
Thorndale Middle Met AYP
Thorndale Elem. Met AYP
Gause ISD Met AYP
Gause Elem. Met AYP
Buckholts ISD Met AYP
Buckholts school Met AYP
• Not separately evaluated

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