Delta Air, what's that odor that you wear?

I have mixed emotions about school starting because I have a feeling I will blink and the year will be over. Then my nervous breakdown can officially begin.

Kennedy is an artist. She wants to go to a great art school in Georgia and try as I may, I can't seem to come up with a good enough reason for her not to go.

So the last week of July, Kennedy signed up for an art seminar in Austin. It was Monday through Thursday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Rather than make two trips to Austin every day Bill and I decided that would be our week off, our "vacation."

Then at the end of the week, the really exciting part was to happen. My Mom, Kennedy and myself were going to fly to Savannah and check out the art college.

Kennedy set up an interview for that Friday and we were to fly out right after her last art class on Thursday.

The week actually turned out to be fun. Bill and I hung around Austin while she was in class. Of course, there were lots of trips to Half Price Books and Goodwill.

Bill found a basketball jersey that was a replica of some big deal basketball player's. I think his name was The Stilt or something. He was really excited with this $2 find.

We also went to the mall, some antique stores and little shops all over Austin. He wasn't nearly as excited about these places.

Thursday came. We had packed the night before because all week we had been leaving the house at 7:30.

We picked up Mom, loaded up the car, dropped Kennedy off for her last class and, since my Mom was in the car, Bill didn't mind one bit if we went back to the mall. What a sport.

We picked Kennedy up after her class, which she thoroughly enjoyed all week. Then we headed to the airport.

We decided to go ahead and check in and then eat lunch at the airport. Bill had to drop us off at the door, he couldn't go in with us. So we said our goodbyes right then and there and off Bill drove.

The three of us got into line. There was a spiffy new Delta rule on this day that we had to pay $15 per bag to get them checked onto the airplane.

So that started things off in a snit. I mean, tickets are hardly cheap. Plus we had to change planes in Atlanta and then fly on to Savannah. And we have to pay an extra $15 for our bags?

However, we had no choice. We paid and got back into line with our boarding passes, tickets and itineraries. The line was pretty long but we were excited and before long, we were next in line to check-in. There was one girl and one guy checking people in.

"I hope we don't get that guy. He doesn't look too swift, I don't think he knows what he's doing," my Mom whispered. Sure enough, we got the girl instead. Mom and I smiled at each other. Yep, things were going pretty well.

We get up to the counter with our $15 not-very-big bags. The girl takes our papers and starts typing on her computer. She types and types, never saying a word.

We stand there and she just keeps on typing. She finally looks up and says "Your flight has been cancelled."

I just stared at her and finally asked " which flight are we on?"

She keeps typing and doesn't answer. She just types and types. Then she goes and gets this other woman and asks her some questions.

The other woman starts typing and typing. Then she just walks off. The original girl says "We don't have you on any flight. They're all cancelled. Technical difficulties.

"The best we can do is get you on a flight at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow (Friday) and you'll get to Savannah at 4 p.m." And we didn't even get a kiss.

I couldn't believe it. "Uh, no that will not work, we have an appointment tomorrow in Savannah." Anger is slowly making its way up from my chest to my head. She starts typing again.

"We live an hour and a half away and we were dropped off. What are we supposed to do? Who's going to take us home? You?" I was officially mad. We all were. The shock had worn off and had turned to seething fury.

I asked her why they didn't call us and tell us the flight had been cancelled before we got all the way up there. And why we had to pay another $45 for our bags, on top of the scalping ticket prices, only to then be told our flight had been cancelled. She didn't answer, just kept staring at her computer and typing.

I said some other stuff but I won't repeat it here. They're supposed to refund all our money but they didn't have the capabilities to give us a receipt for the refund. So I had to hurry up and cancel the hotel, college tour, etc. Then I called Bill for him to turn around and come back and get us. Luckily, Kennedy and I were pretty sure he hadn't gone straight home, there was a Half Price Books not too terribly far from the airport. Sure enough, that's where he was.

I called my Dad and said "Hey, cancel your and Bill's big party plans for this weekend, your wives are coming home."

So it was a pretty sad and quiet drive home. We'll reschedule, maybe in September.

But not with Delta.

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