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Local law enforcement doing its best to keep drugs off the streets

Nobody's saying the war on drugs has been won, or anything like it, but the law enforcement community in the Rockdale area has been giving that war their best shot for a long time.

Rockdale police have made drug arrests for the past five consecutive weeks. Most of these arrests have simply been the result of our force doing its job and paying attention.

Arrests have been triggered by traffic stops, a fight and, a theft of services investigation.

Cameron police have made five major drug arrests this month and taken at least two notorious drug dealers off the streets. They've been assisted by the Milam County Sheriff's Department and several constables including Precinct 3 Constable Herbie Vaughan and his drug dog.

And scarcely a week goes by without Milam's DPS state troopers making drug arrests in the course of their duties. Two weekends ago Milam troopers made three such arrests.

That's only the first part of it, of course. From there on the responsibility is on the criminal justice system. If you read the district court reports in The Reporter each week you'll notice a high percentage of the court action has to do with drug trafficking.

None of that means the drug dealers in this area, and we have our share, are throwing in the towel. But you can be sure the "who got busted" network has transmitted the news of what's happening in Rockdale and throughout Milam County.

Don't doubt that the war on drugs is just that, a war. In war you usually don't have one battle that leads to victory, it's a slow incremental process, lots of little successes that gradually accomplish objectives.

Of course it doesn't hurt to have a few big victories thrown in.

We've been getting some of both kinds in recent weeks in Rockdale and Milam County. It's much appreciated and all residents owe our law enforcement personnel a debt of gratitude.—M.B.

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