Rainwater forum set Aug. 27

El Camino Real Master Naturalist chapter invites the public to a rainwater harvesting forum, set for 6:30 p.m. Aug. 27 at the Patterson Center in Rockdale.

Trained specialists will be at the Rockdale City Forum this month with ideas on how to set up a catchment system. Not only will they give an overview of the various techniques, they will also set up a collection system to demonstrate how you can build your own inexpensive rain barrel.

There will be an outside demonstration where you will see rain barrels in use. You will be able to ask question and learn how to set up your own system. Handouts will be provided with detailed instructions and references.

All gardeners know the therapeutic effect rainwater has on plants. Like the organic natural fertilizers, plants respond visibly.

However, some people are just not satisfied to wait for Mother Nature do all the work.

"My plants getting the precious water harvested this year dramatically show the effects. Plants seems so much happier," said Katherine Bedrich, chapter vice president and avid rain harvester. "The lawn is soft again. The flowers started blooming. The tomato leaves greened up."

Master Naturalists are among the leaders in educating the public with rainwater harvesting methods. Some of them have gone to specialized intensive training classes where the cutting edge of rainwater harvesting is discussed and taught.

Joyce Dalley, also a certified master naturalist added: "Indoor plants don't like chlorinated water, it is not healthy for them and they show it. Only with heavenly water will they display their true colors."

Rainwater harvesting can be as simple as a bucket, or as sophisticated as one with an automatic drip system.

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