First day of school presents a paradox

Well I hope everyone's first days of school went smoothly. I still can't believe summer is offi- cially over.

Ken said he picked up nephew Esten after the first day of school and he got into the car, head down, acting all sad.

Ken asked him how his first day of school went and Esten just sat in the car with his head down. He finally looked up grinning and said "It was great!"

This was not only his first time at Rockdale Elementary but also at the new Intermediate School to boot. I imagine there were a lot of happy students that day.

On the other hand, Will said he was bored when asked how he liked his first day. But he's a little understated to say the least. Plus he would rather have recess all day long, imagine that.

We still have nephew Agustin's birthday to celebrate this weekend. Uncle Kyle and Sweet Pea are coming in from Houston. Katie Grace is driving in from Pflugerville. So the whole gang will be here to celebrate with our little man.

Of course, our men folk may still be in a BBQ coma on Saturday. They are all going to the Rockdale Tigers vs. Llano Yellowjackets football game in Llano.

They are driving up early on Friday. Why? To get ready for the game? No. To get a good parking spot? No.

The men folk, including our two Bills, Ken and several LaGrones, are driving all the way to Llano early to eat BBQ at Cooper's and also go to the football game.

They are going to be some greasy, full, man-pork chops at that game, let me tell you.

Brother Ken is going to take pictures. If you see him sleeping on the sidelines, propped up against a bench or something, please wake him up.

And would some of you please go up into the Llano press box and make sure Bill is still awake during the entire game.

A BBQ coma is not a laughing matter. I've seen one up close and it was not pretty.

I would surely enjoy poking him and waking him up but I promised Noelia that I would help her get ready for the birthday party so I am not going to make it to the game.

Way too much testosterone in that vehicle anyway.

By the way, I had to ask Bill what the name of the Llano mascot was so I yelled at him across the wall. We are so very formal here at The Rockdale Reporter.

He yelled back "The Llano Pitmasters."

I said "Are you serious?"

Then he said "Their mascot is a Pork Chop wearing an apron!"

My Dad, Mike, Ken and Bill all died laughing in unison. I guess it was man-humor or something, I didn't think it was that funny.

They laughed for 10 minutes while I just sat at my computer, rolling my eyes. Men!

Where's Jolene when you need her?

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