Warranty Deeds

Stanley Budnik et al to Juan Quintana and Martha Quintana - part of 111.38 acres, Wilhelm and Lewis Surveys (v. 1,106, p. 904).

Roger Abbott to Shanna Goeke and Kevin Abbott - 40 acres, William Clemmons Survey (v. 1,106, p. 910).

Ira Richard Thrasher and Gloria Jean Thrasher, individually and as attorney-infact, to Rockdale DTP I LLC and Dollar Texas Properties I LLC, Kenneth M. Larish, president - Lot 1, Block 1, Rockdale DTPI Addition, Unit 1 (v. 1,107, p. 1).

June R. Lester to Bill Hulse - nonexclusive 30-foot-wide access easement, William H. Clemons Survey A-123 (v. 1,107, p. 126).

James Paul Bowling to Tim Arledge - three tracts, A.W. Sullivan 1/3 League

v. 1,107, p. 221).

Kenneth M. Bowling Jr. to Tim Arledge - three tracts, A.W. Sullivan 1/3 League (v. 1,107, p. 224).

Joseph Bryan Bowling to Tim Arledge - three tracts, A.W. Sullivan 1/3 League (v. 1,107, p. 227).

David Bryce Bowling to Tim Arledge - three tracts, A.W. Sullivan 1/3 League (v. 1,107, p. 230).

Shannon Morgan to Wilbur Poole and Linda Poole - 2 acres, Lin Luce Ranches (v. 1,107, p. 255).

Ruth Lanelle Bowling Jordan aka Ruth Lanell Bowling Jordan to Tim Arledge - three tracts, A.W. Sullivan 1/3 League (v. 1,107, p. 260).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor's Lien

Walter Mortgage Co. LLC to Audra Alvarado - part of 5.5 acres, W.W. Lewis League, Cameron (v. 1,106, p. 846).

Lavein G. Allen, Philip G. Pearce and Karen L. Pearce to C. Nuell Bruton and Marion E. Bruton - 72.705 acres, Fernando Rodriguez Survey A-53 (v. 1,107, p. 62).

Leonard D. Estus and Sara K. Estus to John C. Collier and Vivian M. Collier - Lot 1, Block D, Linwood Acres, Section 2, Rockdale (v. 1,107, p. 289).

Special Warranty Deeds

Donald Barron and Julie Barron to Sergio Ibarra and Rocio Ibarra - Lot 1, Block 2, Praesel Subdivision, Section 2 (v. 1,106, p. 822).

Nancy Lueann Alford to Roy Jestus Alford Jr. - Cause No. 32808; Lot 9, Block 48, Rockdale; and Lot 6, Marrs Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,107, p. 173, 176, 178).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Roy Jestus Alford Jr. to Nancy Lueann Alford - part of Lot 3, Block 105, Rockdale, Cause No. 32808 (v. 1,107, p. 241).

Cash Warranty Deed

Rebecca Custard et al to Mike Maki and Tammy Maki - 2.562 acres, James W. Harvey Survey A-188; non-exclusive access easement; and 0.807-acre, nonexclusive 30-foot-wide easement (v. 1,107, p. 274).

Substitute Trustee Deed

Faye Pecht, substitute trustee, to Green Tree Servicing LLC fka Conseco Finance Servicing Corp. - Lemesurier (v. 1,107, p. 250).

Partition Deed

Jeanette K. Klement, individually and as trustee, et al to Howard W. Klement et al - 159.25 acres, Jose David Sanches Survey A-55, and 125-2/3 acres, J.A. DePena Survey A-43 (v. 1,106, p. 864).

Probate Cases Filed

Robert Rodriguez applied for the Betty Guajardo Estate - determine heirship (PR10593).

Robert Irwin applied for the Ada Yount Estate - letters testamentary (PR10594).


Civil Cases Filed

Texas Medical Distributors vs. New Abilities Medical Equipment & Supplies - accounts, contracts, notes (33136).

H&W Petroleum Co. Ins. vs. Mine Service Ltd. and Mine Service General Partner - accounts, contracts, notes (33140).

EBCO General Contractor vs. Exaro Construction Co. - accounts, contracts, notes (33142).

First Resolution Investment Corp. vs. Lee Pate - accounts, contracts, notes (33148).

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