Craigslist scam foiled by alert seller

The Internet is the shopping mall of cyberspace. Items needed can be found quickly from your chair in front of the computer.

Looking at the down side of Internet shopping, you have to trust the individual making the purchase. If these buyers are more interested in your money than the item for sale, then you will have more trouble than you want.

Craigslist started in San Francisco in the mid 1990s. It originally only served that area, but now includes many states.

A scam is hitting local financial institutions as well as Milam County residents, more specifi- cally the Rockdale area.

Scott Williams had an item he wanted to sell, so he listed it on Craigslist. "Seth Grant" was interested which explains why the two made contact.

Scott became suspicious. He e-mailed Seth asking him for his location and he explained his reluctance to withdraw the ad until the transaction was complete.

Scott gives Seth his terms. Send the money via US Postal Service money order by whatever delivery service he chooses. The address for picking up the item of interest is also included.

Seth answered Scott's e-mail early that afternoon. The intended victim was corresponding to the initial contact. This gives these thieves hope of success.

These seniors are not easy marks. The e-mail promises that a mover will pick the item up in 2 to 3 business days.

Four days later, Scott receives another e-mail from Seth. Seth had contacted his bank and was told that the check had been mailed.

However, a mistake was made. The bank sent $2,500 instead of the check for $425.00. Seth assures Scott that it is not a problem. Just cash the check and send the overage to his mover.

Since the check was made out to Scott, just wire $2075 to the movers.

Stop right there. Does your bank mail out your checks? My bank does not.

The con artist made contact this week in Rockdale, so keep your guard up.

Trust only yourself, but watch yourself carefully. MCT thanks Scott Williams for sharing his story. It will help others.

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