'Grapes' and other newspaper slogans

Neighbor Grover sez half the people he knows are above average.

Newspapers sometimes have slogans. The Reporter, of course, still carries one that my grandfather, John Esten Cooke, who bought this paper in 1911, devised with the help of a classified advertiser.

Reporter ads get the grapes.

In 1921 Mr. Cooke got a call from Davis Jenkins of Minerva who wanted to place a classified ad to sell a bunch of Carmen grapes. Those are "tame" grapes grown commercially, as opposed to Mustang and other wild grape varieties.

Mr. Jenkins had six acres of Carmen grapes. He placed the ad to run each week until he called to cancel it.

But the next week Mr. Jenkins called back and told my grandfather: "Once was enough. I'm sold out of grapes. That ad really worked."

Ever the word merchant, my grandfather coined the slogan that continues this day. He also coined the phrases "Regal Rockdale" and "Matchless Milam" County. Those finally fell out of use, but not for many decades.

Newspaper consultant Ken Blum has a collection of newspaper slogans which he has put into categories. You might enjoy them:

If It's Good for Holmes County, We're for It!—The Holmes County (Ohio) Hub

The Only Newspaper in the Whole Wide World that Really Cares About Wadsworth—The Wadsworth (Ohio) News-Banner.

The Truth, Well Told.—Blum said he's not sure where this one came from.

Hell-raising hometown paper slogans:

Liked by Many, Cussed by Some, Read by All!—Blackshear (Georgia) Times.

If You Don't Want It Printed, Don't Let It Happen—Daily News, (Aspen, Colorado).

Going where no dog has gone before—and without a leash!—Putnam (Tennessee) Pit.

Sorta' poetic slogans:

Covers Dixie Like the Dew— Atlanta (Georgia) Journal.

We're a Newspaper, Not a Snoozepaper—unknown.

Pride in the Panhandle—The Star-Herald, Scottsbluff (Nebraska).

Without Fear or Favor— Zambia Daily Mail.

Some slogans indicate sophistication if not the art of brevity:

A Weekly Newspaper for the Mutual Benefit of Ourselves, Colleton and Beaufort Districts and Mankind Generally—Colleton and Beaufort (South Carolina) Sun.

• Papers with egos:

World's Greatest Newspaper— The Chicago Tribune.

An Independent Democratic Newspaper of the First Class Unchallenged in its F ield— Longview (Texas) Daily News.

Voice of the Rocky Mountain Empire—Denver (Colorado) Post.

Maybe the Best Newspaper in Holland—Trouw, Amsterdam.

Simple but effective slogans:

The Paper you Can Trust— Sydney (Australia) Daily Telegraph.

Your Community Connection— Yukon News.

Local and Latest—Evening Times, Glasgow.

If It Matters to You, It Matters to Us—The Herald, Everett, Washington.

Your Region. Your Paper— Times-Age, Masterson, New Zealand.

And don't forget, if you want to sell some grapes, or just about anything else, an advertisement in this newspaper is just an easy phone call away. Some really friendly people will make it a simple process.

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