Photography winners announced

Winners have been announced for the 2009 County 4-H Photography contest. The results are:

Beginner participants- Seth Snowden, Heath Hollas, Colby Green.

Juniors- Color class: 1st people, Savannah Kruse; 1st animal, Hannah Hux; 1st natural landscape, Patrick Dean; 1st plant/ flora, Zabrian Sowders; 1st architectural elements, Haleigh Carter. Black & white classes: 1st architectural elements, Hannah Hux; all media/special effects/creative, 1st Hannah Hux.

Intermediates- Color class: 1st people, Anna Snowden; 1st animal, Lydia Snowden; 1st natural landscapes, Lydia Snowden; 1st plant/flora, Anna Snowden; 1st architectural elements, Emily McCoy. Black & white class: 1st people, Anna Snowden; 1st animals, Anna Snowden; 1st still life, Emily McCoy; 1st plant/flora, Anna Snowden.

Seniors- Color class: 1st people, Erin Bradley; 1st animals, Erin Bradley; 1st still life, Evan McCoy; 1st natural landscapes, William Dean; 1st architectural elements, William Dean. Black & white class: 1st animals, Benjamin Snowden; 1st plant/flora, Benjamin Snowden; 1st architectural elements, Evan McCoy; all media, 1st special effect, Breanna Miller.

County food show

The Milam County Food Show will be held Tuesday, Sept. 22 at the New Salem Building in Rockdale with registration at 5:30 p.m., judging at 6 and the Food Challenge at 6:30.

This event is for all 4-H'ers interested in cooking. Entry forms, food show information, questions and resources are on the website http://milamco. - under 4-H activities and at the Extension Office. Submit your entr y form and recipe to the Extension Office by Sept. 21. For those who miss the deadline, bring five copies of your recipe for the program.

This year juniors and intermediates must do the Food Challenge to participate in the District Food Show. Seniors can elect to do the food challenge and/or the regular food show to compete on the District Level.

During our regular food show on the county level we will do a Food Challenge as an activity. Everyone will get a taste of the activity to see if you want to be part of the contest at the District Food Show on Oct. 31.

Livestock Information

Major show tag orders for swine are usually due in Sept. 21. Order at the Extension Office. Tags are usually $10 each.

Major show broiler orders are due Oct. 2. Submit orders at the Extension Office.

Entr y deadlines for major shows are:

• State Fair of Texas, Sept. 25 to Oct. 18—Entries due to Extension Office Aug. 14.

• Heart of Texas, Oct. 8 to 17—Entries due to Extension Office Sept. 4.

Major Show Calf Scrambles

If you are interested in scrambling for the Houston, San Antonio, Fort Worth and Star of Texas Livestock Shows, contact the Extension Office prior to Sept. 15.

Rockdale Fair, Oct. 15-17

The 2009 Rockdale Fair Rules are now available on the Extension website http://milamtx. There are some major rule changes for this year.

Tag-in for market rabbits is from 5-7 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 10 at Rockdale Fair Park.

There will be three auction baked food divisions in the home economics show of the Rockdale Fair. The grand and reserve champion items w ill be auctioned. You may only auction one baked food item and one animal entry.

Age divisions are juniors (3rd grade to 13 years of age) and seniors (14-18 years of age).

Auction item classes include: cakes (not decorated), pies, cookies (6 cookies). Entry fee is $8 and deadlines is Sept. 25.

Ages five and up, youth and adults can enter the Home Economics Department of the Rockdale Fair. Complete rules and entr y forms are available on the Extension website or at the Extension Office.

Non-food items can be entered on Wednesday, Oct. 14 and Thursday, Oct. 15 until noon. Food items are accepted on Friday, Oct. 16 until 10 a.m.

Ag Mechanics Project Show

Interested in displaying your hard work in either welding or wood projects? Then enter the 2009 Rockdale Fair Ag Mechanics Project Show.

Entry deadline is Sept. 28 to be mailed to the Rockdale Fair Association. Complete rules and entry forms can be found on the Milam County website or at the Extension Office.

Food bank donations

Step out of the box and try something new for community service. The Cameron and Rockdale food banks need your help. Every other month we will select a couple of items for you to donate. At the end of those months we will donate those items to the local food banks.

Another way to give back is by helping to unload and sort groceries at the Cameron food bank. The Cameron Food Bank needs help on the first and third Mondays and Tuesdays of each month.

Contact the Extension Office for additional information. The September grocery list to donate includes one pound bags of rice and pinto beans and jars of peanut butter. Please turn these items in at your club meeting or drop off at the Extension Office.

Major Show Broiler Orders

If you are planning on exhibiting broilers at the major shows in Houston, San Antonio or Star of Texas Fair the deadline for ordering birds is Oct. 2. Please come by the Extension Office to submit your order and payment.

Chicks will cost $1 each and a minimum of 25 birds per exhibitor, 50 birds, and/or a max of 75 birds per exhibitor (orders can only be in multiples of 25 birds).

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