Appreciates vote for new baseball facilities

Dear editor,

We would like to express our support and gratitude to the school board members who voted in support of the new baseball complex. With all the new improvement to our school, the baseball field is the one area that is in dire need of attention.

Last year Coach Jarad Richard's Tigers brought overflow fans to the district games each and every time. However, overflow is a term that is probably not best suited for this venue, because our puny little home stands are pathetic. They might hold 30 students, if they squeeze in tight.

The terrain is such that the visitors side has adequate seating. However baseball fans know you sit on the side with your team, if at all possible. Our fans know this and they all bring their lawn chairs in order to be able to sit on the home side (with the terrain limiting the areas where you can even put lawn chairs). No other UIL sporting facility owned by our school requires you to bring lawn chairs or sit on the ground to watch the game.

It certainly does not even begin to meet handicap standards. Not anywhere close. We have lots of grandparents attending these games, and might actually have more with these improvements. The school district also might consider themselves fortunate that there hasn't been any serious accidents regarding that big hill.

And don't even get us started on the bathrooms. Embarrassing to say the least, and rather creepy to use. That's all we will say about that.

Rockdale has rich history of having one of the most successful youth baseball programs in the area. They are very competitive in the all star season when going up against Austin and Round Rock teams. With the proper support from the community, we could have one of the top programs in Central Texas at the high school level as well.

We appreciate the ones that voted against this in an effort to show fiscal conservatism. That is good, up to a point.

However, particularly since the funds were already earmarked, this is one area that has needed attention for a long, long time.

Thank you. Myron and Patti Schneider

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