Support Christmas in sixth-grade studies

Dear editor,

To all the Christians out there. Please stand up for God.

They are wanting to take Christmas out of our schools and teach our sixth graders Hindu instead. Please stand up and voice your love for God. E-mail or call the Texas Board of Education. Let them know that our country was brought up with God as our savior.

We won't stand for them removing him from the lives of our children. Our country was founded in God's name. God gave us his son who died for us, now it is our time to stand up for Him.

Please e-mail or call: The Commissioner of Educ at ion; or to The State Board of Education:

Please let them know that you are against this horrible injustice against the man who died for our sins.

I just have one question: Does no one fear the wrath of God anymore, because I sure do.

Thank You. Mary N. Jones Rockdale

Editor's note: The matter referenced in the above letter has apparently been resolved. State Board of Educat ion (SBOE) members said Thursday that Christmas, and the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah, will remain in sixth-grade curriculum standards. It had been recommended to the SBOE that the Hindu observance of Diwali be mentioned in a discussion of five major religions' holidays, while Christmas and Rosh Hashanah be dropped (Easter and Yom Kippur were to remain). However board members received "signifi- cant feedback" from parents and expressed support for the two Christian and Jewish holidays to remain in the curriculum. "I'd be surprised if it's not 15-0 in favor of Christmas and Rosh Hashanah," SBOE member Ken Mercer said.

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