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Most coaches will tell you that winning is mostly from the neck up and developing a winning mental attitude is as important if not more vital, than preparing a body for strength and skill.

With the "Building and Maintaining Championship Attitudes" series of forums that is being hosted by the Rockdale girls coaches, Lady Tiger athletes will gain first hand knowledge of what it takes to be a winner.

Spearheaded by girls basketball coach Liz McQuitter, a host of speakers from various backgrounds will share their experiences with the girls.

"I actually started trying to bring in people my first year here," said McQuitter, the former Rockdale basketball star who enters her third year at RHS. "I brought in my old strength and conditioning coach from A&M and she spoke to the girls about nutrition and strength and conditioning.

"It has been my observation that we need to nurture championship attitudes and so the forum was planned. We feel the need for the female athletes to see themselves as champions."

Last year, former Rockdale softball standout Rainey Eanes spoke to the girls at the junior high.

Moultrie Moultrie Eanes was also on board again in the first forum that was held Sept. 16 in the new Tiger Gymnasium that was attended by about 150 Lady Tiger athletes.

Eanes' story of controlling multiple sclerosis is an inspiration to all.

Other speakers included Rockdale native William Moultrie, former NFL player Marcus Coleman and fitness guru Asley Black, who works with Eanes.

McQuitter believes the forums brings the coaches closer together as a staff.

"Because of our schedules, the coaches hardly see each other. We talked about it but never could connect. In the meantime, I just brought in people when I could.

"All of the coaches are in agreement and on board that we need to foster a winning attitude before we can expect to win. We have several things in place to do that. The forums are just a part of it."

The girls have also attended collegiate and WNBA games together as well as summer camps.

They are planning several more trips and team building events.

The forums will continue as well, with invited guest speakers and former students.

"Rockdale has many champions and I don't know that our athletes are aware of that," McQuitter said. "It is an ongoing process and we are targeting the junior high girls all the way to RHS."

McQuitter is also planning an open house in December where former Lady Tiger athletes can come and share their life experiences with the girls.

"We want to reinforce what we hope has ignited a fire."

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5. Mello Yello (1979-2007)— Pepsi's answer to Mountain Dew. No one can do the Dew like the Dew.

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