Fair time means not having to say you're on a diet

I've been having a discussion

with a big-city ga l on

Facebook about fa irs. Just

yesterday she poste d that she

was waiting in line at the State

Fai r to try fried but ter.

We all know when it 's fair

time diet ing is not in our

voc abular y, so I told her af ter

she tried t he fried butter she

ought to wash it down with a

fu nnel cake, which she did, but

said she enjoyed the fried butter


So I e-mailed her and told her

that she needed to come over

to the Rockdale Fair and Rodeo

this weekend bec ause after just

one taste of the fu nnel cakes the

Modernistic Club fries up here

she'd forget about those hu shpuppy

sized but terballs.

That one e-mai l set off a

flu rr y of memories about pa st

Rockd ale fairs I've attended,

and I was reminded ju st how

much I look for ward to Fair


Fai r week bri ng s out the b est

in this tow n. It 's g reat to s ee

all the t alented school-aged

indiv iduals that make up our

commun it y. It makes me proud

and eases my mind to k now

that my fut ure is in their hands.

The ent ire town benefit s from

the ha rd work everyone in t he

county put s into the week long

affa ir.

The raw power of t he trac tor

pull, beautifu l pageant contestants,

the he art-stopping fun of

the ca rnival rides a nd big na me

musica l talents make me realize

I'm not missing anything in

Dalla s.

But if I were to be completely

honest, I'd have to say, what

keeps me c oming back every

yea r is t he fac t that I don't have

to cook for three solid days.

Trish Atchley, who is in

charge of the fair food feast,

reminded me of the food booth s

I could visit this week. She also

told me about some tasty new

addition s to our already plentifu

l smorgasbord at Fai r Park .

She said t hat t he Ath le tic

Boosters, Ag Boosters, and RHS

softbal l team would be selling

the f air st aple—burgers with a ll

the fixi ng s.

Before she even finished her

sentence t hat started, "The

Or iginal 12," I thought tu rkey

leg s. No, I'm not pok i ng fu n at

thei r append ages. Those g iant

dru mstick s wrapped in foil and

wa x paper t he club sells transport

me back in time to about

the Middle Ages. Whenever I

bite into one, I think I should

don a tunic and velveteen E lizabe

than cap.

My kids have a way of

grou nding me, bri ng ing me

back to present t ime when

they insist on get ting jumbo

corndogs f rom the Lion's Club

booth, and t he Master Gardner

can't go through a fai r weekend

without two of the club's fried

potato curls. Atchley assured me

they would be t here.

As will the t amales we buy

when we leave the fair. Those

masa filled treats are usually

nex t morning's breakfast.

This year t he Tanglewood F ire

Department will be making

them for fairgoers.

And as a lways there wil l be

stew, coffee and much mor e on

the menu i nside the New Salem

Club's clubhouse.

As for the new food fai r, it all

sound s delicious.

Our youth footba ll w ill sell

catfish t his year and A llen A ME

Church wil l sell corn on the cob

and fried pick les. I think we' ll

be camping out at t he AME

booth with our b oys, be cau se

corn is one of two vegetables I

don't have to force or trick them

into eati ng.

The perfect topper for this

cold weather that meteorologists

are predicting is chili. First

Christian Church will be dishi

it up. I wonder if it'll have

be ans? I'm no chi li snob but

enjoy my ch ili one way only—


We'l l wash it all down with

drinks the 4-H'ers will be selli

a nd for us grow nups, we'll

v i sit the Fair A sso ciation's beer


Diets be damned, it's Fai r

week a nd I want some fried


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