Amendment election voting is patriotic duty'

On Nov. 3, Texas voters will determine whether 11 proposed amendments to the state constitution will pass or fail.

There are no political races in 2009. Traditionally, this situation results in a very poor voter turnout.

Old folks have a reputation of voting in all elections. Politicians are very aware of this fact and they listen when a senior citizen has a problem or concern.

Everyone should consider voting as their patriotic duty and vote every time the voting booth is available to them.

However, we do live in the land of the free, so, we can exercise our right to vote or not to vote.

It is also our patriotic duty to be well informed about the issues on the ballot.

To go to the voting place and ask to see a sample ballot usually means that the voter has no clue what is on the ballot and a decision to cast a vote is decided at the precinct.

This is not all bad. At least, the person asking for a sample ballot has registered to vote and they have made the effort to vote in the current election.

Literally hundreds of registered voters do not vote. Every opportunity is opened to encourage people to vote.

Now voters can vote early at the office of the Milam County clerk in Cameron or at the One- Stop in Rockdale. There really are very few good excuses for not voting if you have met all the qualifications.

There are a half dozen items in a checklist for being qualified to vote.

You must be an American citizen, at least 18 on or before the election day, you must register with the county clerk's office.

You must not have been declared mentally incompetent by a court, you must not be on parole, probation or in prison for a felony conviction and you must register to vote 30 days before the election day.

If you have not registered to vote yet, it is too late for the Nov. 3 election.

Early voting is Oct. 19 -30. See story elsewhere in The Reporter for early voting locations and hours.

Texas voters have approved of 456 amendments of the Texas Constitution since its adoption in 1876.

Voters may read over the items presented and write their choices down and bring the list to the voting place. This makes your time at the voting place much faster, if you have already decided how you are voting.

A synopsis of all 11 amendments appeared in last week's Reporter.

The propositions listed on the ballot passed both houses of the state legislature by a 2/3 majority. This action is called a joint resolution which cannot be vetoed by a governor

After the voters vote in favor of a proposition, it is sent to the governor for consideration to sign into law or veto.

If the voters vote the issue down, then the state legislators may resubmit a resolution in the future for the people to decide its fate at the polls.

Milam County TRIAD encourages all its members to vote in the upcoming election.

Let's exercise our right to vote. It is our patriotic duty.

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