Nobody enjoyed the pig scramble more than four-year-old Karson Michael (L) and Mason Vaculin, 5. Nobody enjoyed the pig scramble more than four-year-old Karson Michael (L) and Mason Vaculin, 5. PARADE

Governor's award—Helping Hands Basset hounds.

Best workmanship—McDade Watermelon Festival.

Best decorated—Rockdale Chamber of Commerce.

Best out-of-town—Thorndale Chamber of Commerce.

Horsedrawn—1. Milam County Cowboy Church; 2. Madeline Jones.

Comical—1. Helping Hands Basset Hounds; 2. Josh Pelzel.


Big stock (16-25 horsepower)— 1. Ken Langham, 344; 2. Steve Hovind, 321.1; 3. Chris Harper, 174.2; 4. Dave Barter, 85.3.

Altered stock—1. Ken Langham Jr., 365.6; 2. Tre Sulak, 260.9; 3. Chris Harper, 221.3.

Motorcycle small bike (650 cc)—1. Douglas Branecky, 393.6; 2. Thomas Kimmons, 355; 3. Edwin Hall (Kenny driving), 48.

Motorcycle big bike (1,200 cc)—1. Douglas Branecky, 336.8; 2. Cheyenne Sulak, 268.2; 3. Steve Pierce, 262.3; 4. Enoch Crowe, 151.9.

Outlaw—1. Ken Langham, 350.7; 2. Steve Pierce, 344.7; 3. Enoch Crowe, 322.3; 4. Charlie Langham, 146.9; 5. Tom Cleveland, 129.5.

Billy Moreland, Rockdale Fair Association president, presented RFA board member Kay Simank with her past president's plaque. Billy Moreland, Rockdale Fair Association president, presented RFA board member Kay Simank with her past president's plaque. Youth—1. Kolby Langham, (Kolby driving), 380; 2. Kody Langham, 295.7.

Stock (0-14 hp)—1. Colby Crowe, 324.3; 2. Steve Hovind, 309.2; 3. Curtis Phelps, 308.1; 4. Skeet Degner, 305.7; 5. Alton Degner, 302; 6. Claude Lewis, 251.3; 7. Steve McCarley, 236.2.

Mini-rod (4 cylinder)—1. Connor Crowe, 385.6; 2. Tyler McCarley, 357.3; 3. Alton Degner, 327.4; 4. Jerry Toland, 321.2; 5. Colby Crowe, 315.5; 6. Tyler Pierce, 293.5; 7. Dave Barten, 280.4; 8. Sarah Moody (Steve Hovind driving), 221.3.

Super rod (8 cylinder)—1. Sam Carroll, 354.3; 2. Curtis Branecky, 334.4; 3. James Moody, 332.9; 4. Roger Cogburn, 315.1; 5. Gene Carroll, 312.2; 6. Jerry Toland, 295.1; 7. Alden Crowe, 280; 8. Randall Moody, 263.1.


Overall (cumulative, all events)— 1. Go For It, Willis; 2. Blinde Kuh, Thorndale.

Showmanship—1. Killin' Time, Rockdale; 2. Go For It, Willis.

Crybaby award—Chupacabra Cookers, Rockdale.

Chicken—1. Broke Down BBQ, Pflugerville; 2. Against the Grain, Rockdale; 3. Go For It, Willis.

Pork—1. Blinde Kuh, Thorndale; 2. Scrub Shack, Georgetown; 3. Asleep at the Grill, Rockdale.

Beef—1. Smokin' Dillos, Rockdale; 2. Budweiser, Temple; 3. Go For It, Willis.

Exotic—1. Driftwood River Bottom Cookers, Milano; 2. River Rats, Rockdale; 3. Family Cookers I, Rockdale.


Dogs—1. Dustyn Prazak with "Peanut" (tea cup Chihuahua); 2. Emeri Gifford with "Sheana" (Shih Tzu); 3. Brandi Caffey with "Elvis" (basset hound); 4. Emeri Gifford with "Barry" (miniature pinscher).

Exotics—1. Emma Booker with "Cholo" (ferret).

Judges awards—1. Amber Holder, Liberty MIchna and Sarah Michna with "Apache Duke," (Yorkshire terrier); 2. Charlie Sladovnik with "Ariel" (Chiapom); 3. Emeri Gifford with "Sally," (basset hound); 4. Justin Gage with "Lilly," (basset hound); 5. Elizabeth Huddleston with "Jack," (Boston terrier).

Showmanship—Chase and Bruce Mayfield with "Betty," (collie).

Best in show—1. Kristen and Kaitlyn Kimbrel with "Fergie," (Shih Tzu); 2. Sandy Huddleston with "Buffy" (Boston terrier); Carla Grigsby with "Shortie," (Prime Brook Welsh Corgi)

HORSESHOES First—Virlene Straley and Tammy Pehl.

Second—John Straley and Clyde Surginer.

Third—John and Jason Ramirez.


Junior division—1. Tyde Taylor and Terry Gelner; 2. Koy Quinney and Traci Fisher; 3. Austin Caffey and Amanda Boyd.

Senior division—1. Scott Paulk and Blake Brown; 2. Paxton Jordan and Weston Fisher; 3. Thomas Betchan and Brandon Moore.


First places—Clayton Merka, Madison Pevehouse, Trevor Moore, Kristen Garza, Kaden Roberts, Kelbi Kovar, Mark Ferguson, Danielle Pedroza, Ty Moore, Rainey Pounders, Luke Leschber, Kaylee Jackson, Corey Pruesse, Landri Leschber.

Second places—David Monroe, Geri Solomon, Samantha Muston, Pete Heintze, Kaitlyn Gibson, Jordan Hafley, Tori Kenney, Logan O'Campo, Caitlin Garcia, Keaton Popham, Alexandra Bomer, Cade Gordon, Brayden Holloman, Brandon Bomer.

Third places— Alex Ferguson, Cameron Mueck, Bailey O'Campo, Thachary Mayer, Peytyn O'Campo, Ashleigh Paulsen, Logan Fisher, Savannah Danforth, Presley Berry.

Fourth place—Tanner Thompson, Makennah Shuffield, Rebekah Ferguson.

Hard luck award—Laine Parker, Tandi Sizemore.


High performance—Scott and Myra Niemann, Rockdale, 1969 Camaro SS.

T-bucket/roadster—Mark Muston, Rockdale, 1923 Ford.

Corvette—Rick Butler, Hubbland, 2000 model.

Street rod coupe—Daryl Bates, Caldwell, 1932 Ford.

Street rod truck—Larry Reeder, Georgetown, 1952 Studebaker.

Muscle car—Chuck Owen, Caldwell, 1968 Plymouth GTX.

Antique—Justin Praesel, Rockdale, 1948 Chrysler Windsor.

1974 and newer car—Don Sims, Rockdale, 1988 Corvette.

1973 and older car—Darryl Gayhart, Rockdale, 1952 Willys.

1974 and newer truck—Scott and Myra Niemann, Rockdale, 1984 Chevy Silverado.

1973 and older truck—Ken Janicek, Cameron, 1939 Dodge.

Best engine—Darryl Gayhart, Rockdale, 1952 Willys.

Best interior—Darryl Gayhart, Rockdale, 1952 Willys.

Custom motorcycle—Scott and Myra Niemann, Rockdale, 2009 Harley-Davidson Fatboy.

Original motorcycle—Cruz Garza, Rockdale, 2006 Harley-Davidson Sportster.

'Rat Rod' bike—Neal Ferrell Jr., Rockdale, 1977 Harley-Davidson.

Ladies choice—Steven Ortiz, Rockdale, 1966 Ford F-150.

Best Ford—Jeff and Mickey Meadors, Rockdale, 1937 Ford pickup.

Best Chevrolet—Darrell and Vonnie Burnitt, Calvert, 1967 Chevelle.

Best Mopar—Chuck Owen, Caldwell, 1968 Plymouth GTX.

Mayor's choice—Darrell and Vonnie Burnitt, Calvert, 1967 Chevelle.

Best of Show—Darryl Gayhart, Rockdale, 1952 Willys.


Senior grand champion—Amanda Hubnik, Cameron FFA.

Senior reserve champion— Heather Atchley, Rockdale FFA.

Junior grand champion—Julia Harwell, Cameron Junior FFA.

Junior reserve champion—Brock Gage, Milano FFA.



Grand champion—Nickolas Burris, buyer 4M Feeds, $100 plus $100 added money, $200 total.

Reserve champion—Maranda Pounders, buyer Betro, $220.


Grand champion—Geri Solomon, buyers William Stork and Ginny Bright, $30.

Reserve champion—Erin Bradley, buyer Johnny Andrews, $150.


Grand champion—Kelsey Krenek, buyer Paul Leopold, $80 plus $40 added money, $120 total.

Reserve champion—Evan McCoy, buyer Barbara and Brady Nelson Sr., $80.


Grand champion—Jayci Rhodes, buyer T. Fulton Trucking, $230.

Reserve champion—Bryce Brasher, buyer Monica Garrison, $160.


Grand champion—Mattie Fisher, buyer Luminant Buyers Group, $250 plus $40 added money, $290 total.

Reserve champion—Mia Arnold, buyer Avery Griffin, $160 plus $25 added money, $185 total.


Grand champion—Lindsey Longoria, buyer M&M Farm Supply, $100 plus $200 added money, $300 total.

Reserve champion—Zabrian Sowders, buyer Luminant Buyers Group, $250 plus $25 added money, $275 total.


Hauled the furthest distance— Jeff Durrenberger, Spring.

Largest haul of tractors—Jeff Durrenberger.

Largest load of engines—Ray Gray.

Oldest tractor—Delbert Boetcher, 1946 B-F Avery.

Oldest engine—Ray Gray, 1942 FM.

Most unique display—Delbert Boetcher.


Senior bucks—1. Colton Shuffield; 2. Colton Shuffield.

Junior does—Grand, Ethan Terry; 2. Ethan Terry; 3. Sarah Eaker.

Senior does—1. Colton Shuffield; 2. Johnny Eaker; 3. Colton Shuffield; 4. Sarah Eaker.


Junior does 1—Grand, Clayton Hanke; 2. Luke Leschber; 3. John Hanke; 4. Elaine Luckey; 5. Thachary Meyer; 6. Tori Kenney.

Senior does—Grand, Elaine Luckey; 2. Thachary Mayer.

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