Rockdale, area residents due unclaimed f unds from state

Forty Rockdale residents,

businesses and organizations are among the thousands of

Texans on the state's annual

listing of those with unclaimed

money in financia l institutions.

C omp t ro l ler Sus an C omb s

said that ever yone on the list has

at least $250 in an unclaimed


Persons who are on the l ist, or

who believe they may have less

tha n $250 in an unclai med fund

and want to search the database,

may go on-li ne a ww w.C entra l.

Cla imIt

The comptroller's office has a

toll free number at 1- 800-654-

FIND (3463).

Area names l isted included:

Rockdale —Natasha R. A guila r,

N.E. Alford, Al coa, Judy Brow n, C-3 Computer, B rian L. C a rnli n e, Johnny E.

Christian, Bri ce Crow, Ro b ert L. C rump,

Billy R. Dees, Jes sie Mae Denmon,

Alliss Dowell, Thomas G. Drinkard,

Robert G. Farnsworth, Char les E. F itts,

Bruce Gary, General American Pro, Billy

J. Hall, B ea trice L. Hunt, Cyndi Ingr a m,

Dwayne Koncaba, Beulah E . Lance,

Fred Lankf o rd, G .B. Lumpki ns, McFad -

den Oil Corp., Kathryne McGinnis,

Manuel Mechaca Jr., Merritt D. Methvin,

Noac k Family Par tnership, Harvey L.

Ra esz , Jose Ramirez, Linda A . Ramsey,

Elizabeth Richards, Virginia Ru e las,

Andy Ruth, John Santellano, Joseph

Schumann, James Stewar t, Rodney L.

Stewar t, Christina Stoughton, Annie Lee

Walton, Imogene M. Williams, Margie A.


Buckholts—Johnnie Chudej, Trac y C. Tomascik, James Zelisko.

Cameron—Anderson Finance, Botts

Title, G en e ral Ho Community, Cow Tow Leatherman, John N. D uff y, First National

Bank, Sarah E . Hardee, Dav id B.

Hatcher, S. H. Hays, J.R. Jones, Dal las

Keen, Lake W hitney Medical, Branda C.

Lemon, Eva Z. Majors, Thomas Mekush,

Leo A. Moraw, Dorothy S mith, Dick

Stedman, Jennifer M. Villalon, Paulyne

Walker, Robert W ilkin s, Nor ma Wilson.

Gause— Gause IS D.

Lexington— AETNA, Gloria Barrera,

Mario Ca sas, Joe Cer venka, Amanda

Dr osche, Enloe Pumping Ser vice,

Beth Goerner, R u th S. Haworth, J.K.

Turkey Farm Inc., Ernest Jones, John

M. McHenry, Bradley Patschke, Nancy

Perry, Rawlings Company, Tetens W.

Townsend, Wayne Walch, John William

Willa rd.

Milano— G. V inton.

Thorndale— Erwin H. Fuess el, Amy

Johnson, Rhylan V. Schneider, James


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