Daylight Savings Time uses more electricity

Dear editor,

Many people my age are noted for their complaining, so I am going to exercise my right.

It was published in the paper a few years ago that Daylight Savings Time did not save electricity but actually used more. Then why continue having it?

It is not really good for people or watches.

I, for one, do not like it any more than "Sam I Am liked green eggs and ham."

There are people who do like Daylight Savings Time, then have it the year round instead of the time we have to change to now.

And while I am complaining, I have another one.

A few years ago there was an article in the paper about our use of the English language, which is probably the hardest language to understand in speech and spelling among nations using our alphabet.

The most common error is the use of the common pronouns "I" and "me." For instance, most people say "John sent gifts to my sister and I."

Would you say "John sent gifts to I?" No way.

Use "I" only as the subject, not the object.

Myrtle Love 2006 Highland Rockdale

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