Wants all students in on Veterans Day

Dear editor,

This letter is in reference to Veterans Day ceremonies held at the local school. My daughters came home from school telling me that the only students allowed to attend the Veterans Day program were students that were actually involved in the program, such as band, choir members,etc.

This bothers me tremendously. All students should have been allowed the privilege to attend and honor the veterans who have served our country. How do we teach patriotism if we're not allowed to give tribute? How can you teach history and deny students the opportunity to see and witness those who have been a part of the making of history? How can you not be allowed to attend such an event and be given the opportunity to thank those men and women who so unselfishly served our country for us so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have been given?

There is more to be learned and observed in our schools than the pages in a textbook.

We have already denied these students the power of prayer and replaced it by "a moment of silence." For many, this was their only exposure to God. There comes a time where we as adults need to stand up for what's right. It is our toes and our children's toes that are being stepped on here. What has happened to our rights as citizens is only what we have allowed to happen to us.

My dad was in WWII and I am so proud to be able to tell people that fact. My brothers also were enlisted men and even if they didn't serve in wartime, they were there to take the call. We have to give respect where respect is due. To not give proper honor and respect to those that have served our country is uttermost disrespect.

We say the "Pledge of Allegiance" to our f lag but these students need to see the faces behind the flag. There's more to it than red, white and blue. They neeed to know and understand the words behind our "National Anthem."

It's okay to allow the student body to gather for assembly to cheer on the local team or to hear some inmate or author give his/her speech but not okay to honor the Veterans? There is something really wrong with this picture. We need to get our priorities in line.

I hope our students are never denied this privilege again for it truly is a privelege to honor our veterans.

Sincerely, Becky Mueller

Editor's note: Here's the way Veterans Day was handled at Rockdale ISD's four campuses.

There were Veteran s Day programs at the high school and elementary. All students at those campuses attended the programs with the exception of RHS students who are enrolled in morning classes at Temple College-Cameron.

The other two campuses did not hold actual programs but hosted meals for veterans, breakfast at the intermediate school and lunch at the junior-high. At each meal musical entertainment was provided, by the RJH band and choir at the junior-high and by the intermediate choir at that campus.—M.B.

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