Scammers will take advantage of shootings

War is the most uncivilized act humans commit. All societies are faced with the problem of protecting themselves, so the fighting takes place. Those touched directly through combat experiences are changed for life. This is reason enough to place our veterans and citizens actively serving today in our county's military.

November 11 is set aside each year to pay homage to those that serve and especially to those that have paid the supreme sacrifice for preserving freedom.

Unexplained suicides, mental breakdow ns, and attitudinal changes are traced to the horrors of war.

These conditions cause people to permit their emotions to control their brains and it results in broken hearts for the families of the victims and the survivors and their families.

Lives are altered forever. This sends the ultimate question, "why," skyward. Loved ones are confused, bew ildered and in shock.

The Fort Hood shooting has its own set of questions.

How are humans expected to act toward their countrymen that are in direct conflict with the individuals religion? In past wars soldiers faced this dilemma of Christians killing Christians, Jews killing Jews, and Muslims killing Muslims.

However, in the United States of America one would expect a volunteer military to follow the American Creed, which succinctly states "...It is my duty to my country, to love it, to support its constitution, to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies."

What motivated Major Nidal Malik Hasan to massacre 13 and wound 29 of his peers?

Soldiers depend on each another for protection and security. This should never be breached. Ever yone is most v ulnerable when surrounded by trusted people. Think about it.

Now watch for con artists to solicit funds under the pretense of helping the families of the men and women killed or injured in the Fort Hood rampage. Loyal American citizens are willing to give money for a noble cause, but you should carefully select the organization and make sure it is serving the purpose mentioned.

Is the charity legal or a scam? That is the question.

The Attorney General's Office in Massachusetts is investigating a cruel scam in which con artists are preying on U.S. veterans.

Remember, for con artists to be successful, they must be charming, likeable, and trusted.

The Better Business Bureau warns us about Fort Hood scams. Solicitations that are long on emotions and short on describing how the money is used, demand investigation.

Always pay in check or money order and never give individual collectors cash.

Be in tune for high pressure hastiness and "runners" sent to pick up the donations and ask questions about the percentage going to the charity and the amounts going to the salaries of the collectors and the business overhead.

The BBB lists charities for you to use safely: Fort Hood's Chaplin Fund Office, Bldg 44, 761 Tank Battalion Avenue, Fort Hood, Texas 76544-5000. On the check's menu line write "November 5 tragedy."

Another is the Fort Hood Fisher House, Bldg 36015 Fisher Lane, Fort Hood, Tx 76544. 254-286- 7927. Or Local Chapter of the American Red Cross. Write to: Killeen Red Cross, 208 W Avenue A, Killeen, Texas 76541, 254-200- 4400. You can visit the website at

Another is the Fort Hood, Bldg USO (United Servives Organization) 1871, 50th Street, Fort Hood, Tx. 76544 254-768-2771. You can visit this website at www.

Milam County TRIAD encourages its members to exercise caution when contributing money during times when emotions are running high.

You may be caught up in the sympathy of the moment.

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