Brazos County inmate numbers increase at jail

At $40 per day, per inmate housing overf low from Brazos County continues to be an excellent source of revenue for the Milam County Jail.

During the past week there were actually more Brazos County inmates (18) booked into the jail than Milam County inmates (16).

Sheriff David Greene said as of Tuesday 50 of the jail's 139 inmates were being held for Brazos County.

However, that beneficial situation is coming to an end.

"Brazos County is building a new jail," Greene said.

The sheriff "recruited" Brazos County after Milam's long, and beneficial relationship housing Bell County prisoners ended.

Bell County built a new jail, too.

"We're going to have to go looking again," Greene said.

Unattended death

The sheriff's department was notified of the unattended death of a 30-year-old man Sunday in Milano.

The Milano Volunteer Fire Department also responded.

Deputy Eddy Veracruz invest igated and an autopsy was ordered.


Greene said other calls for his department during the past seven days included:

Nov. 10—Reckless drivers, FM 908 and US 190; welfare check, US 778; suspicious person, US 77; theft of property, CR 260; juvenile case, FM 487; damaged property, FM 487; vehicle vandalism, Alamo Road; reckless driver, Oak Street, town not specified; suspicious activity, CR 234; assault, FM 487; burglary of habitation, FM 437; criminal mischief, Cemetery Road' suicidal subject, South First, town not identified.

Nov. 11—Civil matter, Gause; suspicious person, US 77; abandoned vehicle, US 190; suspicious vehicle, CR 235B; alcohol to minor, CR 218; recovered stolen motorcycle, Elm Street, town not specified.

Thursday—Reckless driver, US 190; vehicle blocking railroad, US 79; civil matters/property, CR 342 and US 77; bull out, FM 1712; suspicious vehicle, FM 2269; residential alarm, FM 485; dead animal, Bushdale; dog attack, FM 1712; vandalism, CR 448; suspicious activity, Texas 36; assist Rockdale Police Department, Rockdale; suspicious person, Texas 36; CPS intake, Pettibone.

Friday—Animal abuse/cruelty, Milano; dog bite, FM 2095; harassment, CR 367; threats, FM 486; suspicious vehicle, CR 228; abandoned vehicle, US 79; harassment, US 77.

Saturday—Civil matter, Rockdale; suspicious phone calls, FM 2269; burglary, Ben Arnold; theft, FM 487; assault, Gause; stranded motorist, US 79; theft, FM 1915; civil matter, Gause; fight, Rockdale; 4-wheelers on roadway, CR 402.

Sunday—Theft, Minerva, civil matter, FM 908; assault, CR 203; reckless driver, FM 485; prowler, CR 228; animal nuisance, CR 303.

Monday—Animal nuisance, Rockdale; reckless driver, Texas 36; recovered stolen property, Cameron; animal nuisance, CR 303; suspicious activity, CR 259; animal nuisances, CR 302 and US 77.

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