Warranty Deeds

Norma Wallace Trust, Eugene A. Wallace and John C. Wallace, co-trustees, to John C. Wallace - Lot 14, east part of Tract 118, Block G, Martha Rogers Addition; undivided half interest in lot, Martha Rogers Addition; lot, Martha Rogers Addition (v. 1,112, p. 647, 649, 651, 653).

Melba H. Johnson to Joseph Wilburn - Lot 2, Block A, Section 1, Linwood Acres Subdivision, Rockdale (v. 1,112, p. 701).

J.B. Lloyd Jr. to Michael K. Conley and Nancy M. Conley - Tract 7, Pearce Estate (v. 1,112, p. 774).

Robert E. Lee and Theresa F. Lee to David Burg and Jennifer Burg - 103.782 acres, John Nicholson Survey A-283 (v. 1,112, p. 855).

Pauline Pressley McDermott to Martha Lynn Walters - see instrument (v. 1,112, p. 908).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor's Lien

Jeff M. Meadors Jr. and Martha Faye Meadors to James M. Scott - 32.17 acres, S.C. Robertson Survey (v. 1,112, p. 618).

Bennett Macik to Henry Silvey and Debbie Silvey - 2.925 acres, W.W. Hill Survey A-191 (v. 1,112, p. 741).

Becky Evon Novajosky and Jeffrey Dean Beckhusen to Wendall Jay Beckhusen and Jana Beckhusen - 173.23 acres, J.A. DePena Survey A-3 (v. 1,112, p. 787).

Jo Anna Brizendine Estate and Wesley Don Brizendine, individually and as independent executor, to Robert J. Merrill and Elizabeth A. Merrill - 22.865 acres, Thomas M. Hughes Survey (v. 1,112, p. 826).

Tanya Fisher Stewart aka Tanya Lee Stewart and John Stewart to Monica R. Baxter - part of Lots 13-14, Marrs Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,112, p. 898).

Special Warranty Deed

National City Bank and Home Loan Services Inc., agent and attorney-in-fact, to Thomas A. Moore and Theresa Moore - 0.53 acre, Daniel Monroe Survey A-38 (v. 1,112, p. 750).

Assumption Warranty Deed

Melissa Meaker to Todd Meaker - 0.344 acre, Jose Justo Liendo Survey A-31, District Court Cause No. 33172 (v. 1,112, p. 599).

Partition Deed Nancy Foster Shook et al to Nancy Foster Shook et al - see instrument (v. 1,112, p. 634).

Memorandum Lease

Carolyn Green Trammell Trust et al to Exploration Techniques Inc. - 144.459 acres, Smith Vincent Survey A-372 (v. 1,112, p. 860).

Probate Cases Filed

H. Leland Green applied for the Dorothy J. Green Estate - muniment of title (PR10611).

Evelyn Quen Osborn applied for the Delmer D. Solomon Estate - letters testamentary (PR10612).

Betty Bartlett applied for the Joe L. Bartlett Estate - letters testamentary (PR10613).

Jenny L. Frie applied for the Doris D. Gebhart Estate - letters of administration (PR10614).

Carolyn Burke applied for the Agnes Camp Estate - letters testamentary (PR10615).


Civil Cases Filed

Portfolio Recovery Associates vs. Margie Wilhite - accounts, contracts, notes.

Jack Cooper vs. Mary Ellen Conway - accounts, contracts, notes.

HSBC Bank Nevada vs. Chris R. Glaser - accounts, contracts, notes.

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