Possible career paths for students

The adage, "do what you love,

and love what you do" can be the

words of wisdom students rely on

when selecting potential career


Building upon t he classes

and courses of study enjoyed in

school, they can select careers

that fit with these concentrations.

According to the admissions

department at Pennsylvania's

Waynesburg University, many

students are unsure what career

path to choose, with some not

declaring a major until they

explore their options a little


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)offers a list of

potential careers based on preferred

areas of schoolwork or

outside interests.

Here are some to consider.

If you like law: police officer,

attorney, court reporter, paralegal,


If you like math: statistician,

electrical engineer, physicist,

cost estimator, actuar y,


If you like reading: writer,

desktop publisher, librarian,

reporter, secretary.

If you like science: chemist,

environmental scientist, pharmacist,

engineering technician.

If you like bui mprov ement:</BO

automotive mechanic,


If you like computers: database

administrator, computer

engineer, webmaster,


If you like money management:

accountant, bookkeeping

real estate agent, financial

loan officer.

If you like social studies:

psychologist, urban


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