Christmas Roundup seek s names, eyes record deliveries

With another record year of

Christmas cheer deliveries less

than a mont h away, volunteers for

Christmas Rou ndup are seeking

names of the needy.

Roundup is also soliciting volu

for a task th at gets big ger

every year—making sure everyo

in Rockdale has a Merry


Last year Roundup served

more t ha n 1,000 persons in the

Rockdale area, a total of 335

"u nit s" i nc l ud i ng 25 4 f a milies

with children and 81 elderly


Volunteers are looking for

another record delivery year in

20 09.

Nominat ions

Monday was the first day to

make nom inat ions for the 2009

effort and the signup continues

unti l Monday, Dec. 7.

Applicat ions c an be picke d up

at The Ro ckdale Repor ter, Luc y

Hill Patterson Memor ial L ibrar y,

One-Stop Center, Citizens National

Ban k , Classic Bank, Rockdale

Federal Cre dit Union, Rockdale

Chamber of Commerce, Rockdale

City Hall and local churches. Infor mation needed is a physical

addre ss, w it h sp ecific direc -

tions and exact locat ion for deliver

y, phone number of nominee, names of children, age s and se x

of ch ildren , nee ds/s ugge st ions

and special c omments.

Applicat ions may be ma iled to

Christmas Roundup, PO Box 509,

Rockd ale, T X 76567 or lef t with

loca l churches.

Mailed applications must be

postmarked by Dec. 7.

Sc hedule

The Knight s of C olumbus Hall

on East US 79 will be open on

Sunday, Dec. 21 f r om 5-7 p.m .

to acc ept donations of food a nd


On Monday, Dec. 2 2, t he KC

Hall wil l open at 9 a.m. for volunteers

to help fill boxes for deliver y

to needy fami lies.

Delivery date for food and gifts

wil l be Tuesday, Dec . 23 , beg inning

at 9 a.m.

"Volunteers are especially

needed to help with t he deliver y,"

said A nn K ing, sp oke sperson.

For more information, contact

K ing at 446-3773 .

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