And these notes made it all worthwhile

Neighbor Grover sez timing has a lot to do with the success of a rain dance.

When the Rockdale Rotary Club sponsored the Carson & Barnes three-ring circus for two appearances in Rockdale recently, a lot of tickets were made available for youngsters.

So Rotary President Jack Chelf was recently greeted with a huge manila envelope filled with hundreds of thank-you notes from Rockdale Elementar y School pupils. Most of the notes were well illustrated by the writers (a few samples are at right).

Ross Loth, second grader, thanked both Carson & Barnes and the Rotary. “The circus...had all the animals that I thought it would.”

Another second grader, Rusty Kelley, said “ Thank you for bringing the circus to town. We enjoyed watching the circus (tent) put up.”

I threw those f irst t wo in because that’s a lot better sentence structure than I could’ve produced at that grade level.

From the younger set: “Dear Rotary club. Thak you for leteen us go to the Srkis.”

Another: “Monterious! I saw a 27-year-old hippo.” Monterious must be like stupendous.

Tyler Arledge showed concern as well as gratitude: “Dear Rotary Club members, thank you for bringing the circus to Rockdale. Is it hard to do all of that?”

Miah Beckwith: “Thank you...I like the zibru and I liked how you did flips.” Miah, that wasn’t really Rotarians turning those flips, but don’t tell anybody.

The spelling of “elephant” took many forms. Ty Mayberry thanked the club for many things, including “leting me ride a ealufis.”

Many kids did get to ride an elephant. Adrian Herrero said “I got on the elfis. It was fun.”

Ethan Wade Taylor finished his thank-you letter with: “I like the zebur and the camul and the dokeey and the lamu.”

Me too, Ethan.

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