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Rockdale area Christmas cheer programs making a big difference
Try to imagine having to tell a child “I’m so sorry. Santa didn’t make it this year.” Go ahead, try to imagine that. Not a pretty picture, is it?

Fortunately there are scores of volunteers gearing up to be sure nobody in South Milam County has to say that in 2009.

Christmas Roundup and Thorndale Cares will make deliveries later this month and it’s a marvel to realize just how many people get served.

Last year Roundup served 335 households containing just over 1,000 persons.

The population of our town is estimated at just under 6,000. Roundup actually goes outside the city limits but that still means, roughly, about one in every six Rockdale residents was served by the volunteer organization in 2008.

The ratio is about the same in Thorndale where Thorndale Cares served 197 persons last year. The population of Thorndale is estimated at just under 1,400.

That’s a lot of people. And the estimates are there’s even more need in our area for Christmas, 2009.

How can we help? That’s easy. You can donate money, food, toys and other Christmas gifts and you can donate your time. Christmas Roundup and Thorndale Cares are very labor intensive efforts.

Roundup— The Knights of Columbus Hall on East US 79 will be open on Sunday, Dec. 20 from 5-7 p.m. to accept donations of food and toys.

On Monday, Dec. 21, the KC Hall will open at 9 a.m. for volunteers to help fill boxes for delivery to needy families.

Delivery date for food and gifts will be Tuesday, Dec. 22, beginning at 9 a.m. Plenty of volunteers are needed both those dates.

Thorndale Cares— A citywide food drive to assist Thorndale Cares, which assist families in the Thorndale area continues through Monday, sponsored by the Thorndale P-TO.

Coats, blankets and quilts for Thorndale Cares may be taken to Butts Dry Goods.

Sorting day at the old THS gym is Dec. 18 with deliveries on Dec. 19.

Let’s be sure “why did Santa miss me?” is a question that won’t be asked this year.—M.B.

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