Get creative when hiding gifts

Kids, and even some adults, are never more curious than they are during the holiday season. Many kids will search the house far and wide in an effort to learn what presents await them come the big day.

For pa rent s new to the game of hiding gifts from relentless, prese nt-hunting youngsters, the following hiding spots could ensure the surprise is still intact when kids wake up and rush downstairs to open their gifts.

• Place gifts in brown bags from the supermarket and hide them in the back of the closet or under the bed.

• Hide gifts in the attic or basement and cover them with blankets so inquiring minds won’t see them.

• Stash gifts in suitcases. Kids will likely walk right past the


• Place gifts on a high shelf in the back of your storage closet, out of eyesight and concealed by clothes so kids aren’t encouraged to climb and go searching while no one is around.

• Store gift under the kitchen sink or in the laundry room.

• Place small gifts inside old purses, bags or briefcases. The purse, bag or briefcase can then be hung in a closet or guest bedroom that is not used every day.

• Stash presents in the china cabinets. Kids most likely aren’t allowed in there anyway so they’ll never find their gifts.

• If all else fails, store your gifts at work or stash them at a neighbor’s home.

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