THC dedicated to preser v ing military histor y in Texas

AUST IN—Honoring the hero -

ic efforts and sites of our state’s

military history is a significant

goal of the Texas Historical

Commission (THC). The result

of this commitment has been marked by numerou s oral his - tory training workshops and the placement of monuments

commemorating Texas troops

in o th er st at es.

H ighlig ht i ng Tex a s’ in volve - ment in the Civil War is the purpose of two monuments

recently dedicated in Kentucky.

Distinctive granite memorials

honor Texas soldiers at the Battle of Rowletts Station in 1861 and the Battle of Rich- mond in 1862. Made possible through the THC’s Texas Civil Wa r Monument s Fu nd , a th ird

is planned for Corinth, MS

in 2010 and fundraising will

begin s hort l y. A nother ac com - plishment was THC Military Historian William McWhort- e r ’s rec ent ap pointm en t to th e

National Mus eu m of The Civil

War’s Advisory Council.

Along with preserving Texas’

e f forts dur ing the C ivil Wa r, the

THC is striving to capture the

fad i ng voic es of Texas sold iers

in volv ed in World War I I. Par tn

ering w ith Bay lor Un i ver sity’s

Institute for Oral History and

funded by the Houston Endow- ment and Su mmerl ee Fou nd a - tion of Dallas, the THC has

conducted oral history training

work s hops t hroughout the state . The workshops, title d Here and

There: Recollections of Texas in

Wo r ld Wa r II, s er ve to sa ve the

real stories of Texans’ contribut

ions to the war ef fort .

In the spirit of honoring

Texas’ military past, join the THC at the Sabine Pa ss Bat tle -

ground State Historic Site for

living history demonstrations

an d ba tt le re - enactme nt s du r -

in g the we ekend of Sept . 12 to

c o mme morate t he 1 46 th ann i - versary of the Civil War Battle

of Sabine Pass.

For more information about

the THC’s military history program, contact the History Program’s Division at 512-463- 5853 or visit www.thc.state. t x .u s .

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