I learned so much from my fuschia boots

As Christmas time comes around this year, I reflect, like most, on what I am grateful for. With two young children and a husband who has gone back to college part time, my plate is full, but I know how blessed we are.

I am grateful for each second I am with them and for the little things in life. Buying gifts can get hectic and, sadly, the true meaning of Christmas can be completely lost, especially in teenagers.

There was one Christmas I was not so grateful for the gift I was given and let the fact be known. I acted like a spoiled brat (my five siblings still say I am). I now realize how unappreciative and wrong I acted. This experience has helped me grow.

Many Christmas gatherings while growing up my siblings and I would all receive brand new cowboy boots. My Dad was working for Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe railroad in Temple and had an ongoing relationship with the folks at the now closed Boots City. Each holiday they could count on him getting at least six pair of new boots.

The Christmas of my freshman year in high school I wanted a pair of lace up Justin Ropers. It was “the style” of boots that season. When our family had its Christmas gettogether, and I opened up a pair of new Rocky Mountain jeans and a matching shirt. Next gift was a new black belt to go with the new Rocky Mountains.

Then came the boot box. I unwrapped it so excited to see the new pair of lace ups I wanted. You can imagine the shock when I opened the box to find, you guess it, fuschia boots! We are talking Easter egg pink.

I guess my facial expression said it all, as my father quickly explained that he waited a little too late to go pick out our boots and they were out of the popular style I wanted and were even out of the normal colors of regular boots, too. He had ordered the lace ups and they’d be at the store in about a month and he’d exchange them.

Still, my head just couldn’t comprehend the bright pink boot that sat in the box. In less than a month I’d be back at school. I couldn’t wear fuschia boots to school! What was he thinking? I headed to my room to sulk. I cried for days. I just couldn’t get over the fuschia boots.

Dad eventually exchanged the Easter egg boots for the lace up ones. I got a grey pair and wore them for a few years, but the lesson in it all has lasted much longer.

Seeing how kids act today when they don’t get the exact gift they wanted and how ungrateful they are toward their parents is a sad thing. Now that I am a parent, I see how wrong it was to act the way I did that Christmas.

In today’s tough times some folks struggle to afford gifts for the tree. With area job losses and the struggling economy, parents are trying hard to do what they can for their children. As parents, we have to. So to those who may not be so appreciative, you should be grateful for what you have.

You should remember that Christmas isn’t all about who gets the best or most expensive present. They should concentrate on the giving and not receiving.

We were given the gifts of love, life, mercy and grace through the birth of Jesus Christ. The iPods, cell phones and designer clothes should not matter.

So to my parents, I am sorry I made such a big deal about the fuschia boots. But know that now I realize you just wanted to be sure I had something to open that morning.

You two always give us something so much more important than gifts....your love.

Merry Christmas to all and remember, Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

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