Political organizations also ask seniors for funds

Editor’s Note: The following column contains political opinions which are those of the columnist and does not mean to imply the organization discussed is involved in a scam or is engaged in raising funds for anything other than furthering its stated political objectives.

Christians are people you can trust. So by the same token Christian organizations are trusted. This is when our guard drops and we become vulnerable.

Christian Seniors Association (CSA) opposes the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) and recently mailed out a National Research Survey Of Christian Senior Voters.

The letter accompanying the survey states its bias in bold language.

It reads: “With this enormous survey, we aim to show America’s political leaders that AARP, with its liberal political agenda, does not speak for millions of America’s Christian seniors.”

Why would anyone, or any organization, mailing out a survey make such a statement? Interesting question and some possible answers are: It would eliminate anyone responding to the survey that is either liberal minded, in support of AARP, or both.

Then the follow-up question would be: How accurate are the findings of this survey?

Another question that might naturally come to mind is: How do they know that the survey is only finding its way to Christian homes?

The letter also states that the CSA plan is to report the survey results of over 1,000,000 Christian Senior American voters, representing every state in the union, in three months in a major press release.

The letter claims CSA is the champion fighting for “America’s future as a free, prosperous, and God-honoring nation.”

Why are we easily manipulated by those that challenge our faith, patriotism, and moral standards.

God is not partisan. People are strong in their faith, beliefs and values that support all political parties.

The letter also states that this nation’s president is leading us in a radical direction and liberal leaders in congress plan to take America. Do you think the CSA is bipartisan?

The CSA survey asks for a contribution. If a million Christian senior voters send in $10 each, then the survey is a fund-raiser that makes $10,000,000.

Googling in the letters Christian Senior Association brings up information for consideration.

Right Wing Watch (part of the organization People For the American Way—editor) warns that CSA is “confusing seniors for profit by sending out another bogus survey.”

It is also revealed that funds sent to the Christian Seniors Association actually goes to the Traditional Values Coalition’s (TVC) front-group.

The survey appears to be sent from a government agency, which confused many seniors.

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