Fancy’ perfume bottle brings back memories

We Cookes had a wonderful holiday season following some of our traditional activities. We always have a Christmas Eve Advent ceremony with scripture readings, other readings about the birth of Baby Jesus, songs—this year eight-year-old Esten sang, “What Child is this?”


We try to keep it fairly light—and that’s easy to do with almost- seven-years old Will lighting the candles.

Everybody takes part—even our guests—and even Old Scrooge (also called Pawpaw) who is miraculously transformed into Father Christmas since it’s Christmas Eve.

Another tradition that’s grown and is a lot of fun is our Christmas stockings. Since Santa has banned we adults from the regular Christmas stocking filling because of age, we all fill each other’s stockings.

Everybody brings fun and useful gifts and everybody gets a full stocking. This is part of our fun—to see what each stocking contains. Of course there are the usual socks, gloves, lotion, shavers, kitchen utensils, candy and this year each stocking contained a “Shamwow!”

Then there are the gag gifts and we all enjoy those. My favorite thing this year was a bottle of perfume—Blue Waltz fragrance.

This brought back a lot of memories because when our children were very small, we gave them 25-cents to buy each family member a present at the old Winn’s store. They had to select the gifts, wrap them and keep it a secret. We eventually raised it to 50 cents and I think we finally reached $1. (And you think inflation is bad now!)

I got a lot of powder puffs and tangerine lipstick, but each year I got a heart-shaped bottle of Blue Waltz perfume. You would be surprised how inventive young children can be with 25-cents.

I think Ken and Christine found this bottle in Fredricksburg, where there is still a “five and dime” store on the main drag.

One year Bill received a very nice monogrammed handkerchief and we thought the giver had cheated on the price until we realized that the monogram was the letter “V.” I think he still has that handkerchief.

The price tag on this year’s Blue Waltz was a whopping $3.99 though—that would never have made the cut way back when, because I think the price then was about 29-cents.

I never got any Evening in Paris perfume—the kind in the blue bottle—because I think it cost $1.25 or more.

What fun memories!


One of the things I enjoyed eating the most during all the holidays from Thanksgiving on, was this Fruit Tart made by daughter-in-law Noelia.

It’s easy too and, if you can find (and afford) good fruit in the winter, this is one you will want to try.

Fruit Tart

1 pie shell in a tart pan or pie plate

1 (8 oz.) package cream cheese

1 can condensed sweetened milk

Lime juice to taste

Mix the cream cheese with the sweetened condensed milk in a blender or food processor and mix until smooth. Add the lime juice and stir until well mixed. The filling will make two pies. Put filling in two crusts and top with the berries— raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, kiwi or any other fruit that is not too juicy. Cover with plastic wrap and refrigerate until serving time.

Noelia arranged the fruit beautifully—she used all of the above and it made a wonderful presentation and is most delicious.

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