RISD should notify parents of failing marks

Dear editor,

I have heard people say, “What is the matter with the youth of today?” Well, when I hear that it is no longer a teacher’s responsibility to notify a parent, when a child is a risk for failing, I do not see how our children have turned out as well as they have.

Has the RISD, lost all the sense they ever had? Does it have to be legislated that a teacher and a principle do what they are getting paid for—TEACH?

All I have heard about in this school for years is the gifted and talented. These children are not the ones that need the extra help. They will learn and pass their grades regardless. There are also some that w ill fail no matter how much help you give them. There is a whole lot more that are sandwiched in between these two classes.

Those kids that with a little extra help can overcome there learning disability, and become a productive citizen. It is this section of the population that the schools need to be working with, to prevent these kids from dropping out, and the people of the USA having to pay there way the rest of there life. Because we will, either on welfare or by housing them in jail.

If the principles and administration of RISD, truly believe it is not the responsibility of a teacher to notify a parent when a child is about to fail, then I say we need to fire them all and get some administrative personnel and teachers that will put the children first.

This is paramount to it not being a nurses job to notify a doctor when a patient is sick. It may be the patient’s responsibility to seek medical attention, but that nurse also has a responsibility to there patient, and can and will be held accountable. The teacher also has a responsibility to teach each child in her class, whether they are a genius, or the most mentally challenged child.

Each child should be allowed to reach their potential. I believe the parents of Rockdale should stand up and require that all students here, will receive the education they need.

It is truly crazy to allow things to progress as they are now. A few years back they had a class taught with two teachers in the second grade to give kids with a potential to learn, but who were having problems, the little extra help they needed, to be able to function in main stream classes. It worked. What did they do with it? They did away with it. Just another sign that we need some new management.

A lot of our really good teachers, have gotten tired of management problems and moved to other districts or retired. We can no longer turn our heads to what is going on here in Rockdale. It is a sad day for Rockdale that our schools have come to this.

Delores Beran 3708 N. FM 487 Rockdale

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