John W. Latham, substitute trustee, Dennis R. Kopriva and Vickie A. Kopriva to Fannie Mae aka Federal National Mortgage Association – Lot 1, Burns First Addition, Cameron (v. 1,115, p. 818).

Warranty Deeds

Ruth Johnson to Vernon A. O’Brien – lot, Milam Oaks Addition, Rockdale, and Lots 6 and 8, Block E, Milam Oaks Addition (v. 1,115, p. 531).

Glenn Ellis Wise et al to Micahel Todd Heatly and James Garth Doan – 16 acres, Francisco A. Ruiz Survey A-308 (v. 1,115, p. 561).

Hannah Sue Pounders and Jackie C. Morgan to Sandra E. Hale – 0.98 acre, David A. Thompson Survey A-398 (v. 1,115, p. 885).

Warranty Deeds

With Vendor’s Lien Mary Ann Digirolamo Tullo to Norma L. Carmona and Sergio Carmona – 0.37 acre, W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,115, p. 484).

TCB Services LLC, Thomas Wayne Betchan, member, to Shamsher Gill dba Gill Carwash – Lot 19A, Block 30, Rockdale (v. 1,115, p. 517).

Robert B. Maler and Dora Ann Maler to Michael Shelton and Melissa Shelton – 2.2 acres and 0.14 acre, W.W. Lewis Survey A-30 (v. 1,115, p. 641).

James Kohutek to Johnny K. Vincent and Llana M. Vincent – 51.89 acres, Sterrett Dobbins Survey A-142 (v. 1,115, p. 734).

Willard Turk Scurlock III et al to Lance A. Walker and Christy A. Walker – Lots 5-6, Block 4, Section 4, Coffield Addition, Rockdale (v. 1,115, p. 893).

Special Warranty Deeds

Linda Laywell Hampton to Sharon Laywell McCullin – undivided half interest in Lot 1 and part of Lot 2, Block 15, A.N. Green Addition, Cameron (v. 1,115, p. 455).

Tommy M. Ford and Sandra K. Ford to Dustin Ray Ford – property, Milam and Williamson Counties (v. 1,115, p. 704).

Secretary of Housing & Urban Development, Southwest Alliance of Asset Managers LLC and Prime Contractor #C-DEN-01908 to Jvann Properties LC – Lots 9 and 11, W.W. Greer Addition, Cameron (v. 1,115, p. 749).

Vernon McIntyre Morrow to Jan Morrow Skaggs et al – undivided 12.5% interest in 133.5 acres, David Gallegher League (v. 1,115, p. 774).

Quitclaim Deeds

Mattie Mae Sullivan and Arnold (Duck) Murchison to Timothy E. Cross and Kassandra F. Goad-Cross – 45.763 acres, James McLaughlin Survey A-36 (v. 1,115, p. 864).

Annie Terrell to Timothy E. Cross and Kassandra F. Goad-Cross – 45.763 acres, James McLaughlin Survey A-36 (v. 1,115, p. 871).

Trustee’s Deed Adelaide Gail Yanes Gonzales, Michelle Lehmkuhl, trustee, to Barney Earl Larue and Linda Stone Larue – Lot 7, Block 1, Coffield Addition, Section 1, Rockdale (v. 1,115, p. 635).

Mineral Deed

Calvin L. Cobb and Bonnie G. Cobb to Bonnie Cobb Investments Ltd. and Calvin Cobb Investments Ltd. – 228.78 acres, Leander Harl Survey A-194, and 1.86-acre acess easement (v. 1,115, p. 462).

Gift Deeds

Edward Porter Young Jr. and Evelyn Young to Edward Porter Young III – Lot 8, Coleman Duncum, Cameron (v. 1,115, p. 481).

Gloria McAuliffe aka Mrs. Charles W. McAuliffe to Ruben Gonzales and Darla Gonzales – 2 acres, J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,115, p. 572).

Foreclosure Sale Deed

Carroll W. Glaser, substitute trustee, and Cruz Saucedo to Jane Holland – part of 51 acres, W.W. Lewis League (v. 1,115, p. 755).

Distribution Deed

Bode’s Joint Venture, Brenda Klotz and Sharon Pennell, managing joint venturers, to Brenda Klotz et al – interest in Burleson, Milam and Washington Counties (v. 1,115, p. 823).

Assumption Deed

Doyle Penney to Eugene Jolly – Tract 3, Gause Land Co., 12.7 acres (v. 1,115, p. 838).

Mineral Royalty Deed

Clarence C. Vick Jr., individually and as attorney-in-fact, and Koleen B. Vick to Vick Mineral Interests LP – see instrument (v. 1,115, p. 459).

Oil, Gas & Mineral Lease

Roger Killough III to Exploration Techniques Inc. – 25 acres, Smith Vincent Survey A-372 (v. 1,115, p. 445).


Darla K. Gonzales et al to Darla K. Gonzales et al – 2 acres, J.J. Liendo Survey A-31 (v. 1,115, p. 577).

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