29A junior-high UIL teams compete

Results for District 29-A UIL academic contests have been released and Thrall Middle School has taken top honors.

Milano was second, followed by Thorndale in third and Gause in fourth.

Results for Milano, Thorndale and Gause were listed as follows:


Sixth grade

Art—Christian Grimes, second; Wyatt Beard, fourth; team, first.

Calculator applications—Emily Morgan, third; Megan Pendergrass, fifth; Dakota Steinbecker, sixth; team, second.

Dictionary skills—Christian Grimes, second; Emily Morgan, sixth; team, second.

Listening—Christian Grimes, second; team, third.

Maps, graphs & charts—Christian Grimes, second; team, second.

Mathematics—Christian Grimes, second; Kirsten Crowe, sixth; team, second.

Music memory—Kirsten Crowe, sixth.

Oral reading—Dakota Steinbecker, first.

Ready writing—Christian Grimes, second.

Social studies—Christian Grimes, second.

Spelling—Kirsten Crowe, six th; team, third.

Seventh grade

Art—Halle McManess, Shelby Mullinnix, fifth (tie).

Calculator applications— Mar y Morin, sixth; team, third.

Dictionary skills—Trent Ellison, four th; Trey ton Steinbecker, sixth; team, third.

Editorial writing—Trey ton Steinbecker, fifth.

Impromptu speaking—Halle Macmanes, first; Shelby Thomason, second; Jackson Ballard, fifth.

Listening—Shelby Thomason, fifth; Mary Morin, sixth; team, third.

Mathematics—Sabian Pugh, sixth; team, third.

Modern oratory—Jackson Ballard, first; Halle McManess, second.

Oral reading—Shelby Thomason, first; Tyler Prazak, second; Makenan Hairston, fifth.

Ready writing—Shelby Thomason, fifth.

Science—Mary Morin, third; Sabian Pugh, sixth; team, third.

Spelling—Mary Morin, third; team, second.

Eighth grade

Art—Kelsey Westbrook, second; Shelbi Davenport, third; Emily Overall, sixth; team, first.

Calculator applications—Katelyn Weller, fourth, Fallon Ferguson, fifth; team, second.

Dictionary skills—Alex Ferrara, third; Benny Grosshans, fifth; team, second.

Impromptu speaking—Kodie Jo Sexton, fifth; Kody Love, sixth.

Listening—Sarah Pedroza, fourth; team, third.

Maps, graphs & charts—Justin Grimes, sixth; team, third.

Modern oratory—Kelsey Westbrook, first; Kodie Jo Sexton, second; Justin Grimes, fourth.

Oral reading—Jose Gallardo, first; Kelsey Westbrook, second.

One-Act Play—First.

Ready writing—Kodie Jo Sexton, first.

Science—Alex Ferrara, third; Kodie Jo Sexton, fourth; David Jentsch, fifth; team, second.

Social studies—Alex Ferrara, second; David Jentsch, fifth; team, first.

Spelling—Sarah Pedroza, fourth; Kodie Jo Sexton, fifth; team, third.


Sixth Grade

Art—Savannah Garcia, first; Bethany Naranjo, fifth; Heather Remmert, sixth; team, second.

Calculator Applications—Dakota Darger, first; Kaitlyn Morgan, second; team, first.

Dictionary Skills—Emily Drumm, fourth; team, third.

Mathematics— Chase Keisling, fifth.

Music memory—Kr ystal Silvas, second; team, second.

Number sense — Chris Granger, Chase Keisling, third (tie); team, second.

Oral reading—Julianna Byrd, second; Savannah Garcia, third.

Ready writing—Ashlyn VanWinkle, third; Emily Drumm, fifth.

Social studies—Jarrod Butts, second; team, third.

Seventh grade

Art —Emiree Smith, second; Alix Hoffman, third; team, second.

Calculator applications—Ethan Biar, first; Cortney Rutter, third; Cheyenne McWilliams, fifth; team, first.

Dictionary skills—Jana Clark, third.

Editorial writing—Cheyenne McWilliams, sixth.

Maps, graphs & charts—Jacob Biar, fourth; team, third.

Mathematics—Ethan Biar, fifth.

Number sense—Jacob Biar, fifth; team, third.

Oral reading—Shelby Vacca, third.

Social studies—Darin Ellington, third; Alix Hoffman, fourth; team, third.

Spelling—Michaela Biar, four th; Kelsey Tomancek, fifth; team, third.

Eighth grade

Art—Paige Laurence, fifth.

Calculator applications—Morgan Herrera, first; Kamryn Holder, second; Skyler Sumner, third; team, first.

Dictionary skills—Karl Woelfel, sixth; team, third.

Editorial writing—Morgan Herrera, first; Cameron Youngblood, fourth; Paige Laurence, fifth.

Maps, graphs & charts—Samantha Alexander, second; Karl Woelfel, fifth; team, second.

Mathematics—Lorenzo Llana, second.

Number sense—Lorenzo Llana, second; Paige Laurence, fifth; team, second.

Oral reading—Madison Kropp, fifth; Lorenzo Llana, sixth.

Ready writing—Kamr yn Holder, sixth.


Sixth grade

Listening—Adrianna Morehead, first; Justin Blakely, third; team, first.

Oral reading—Keely Lagrone, fourth.

Ready writing—Cole Sheppard, sixth.

Social studies—Cole Sheppard, fourth.

Spelling—Adrianna Morehead, fifth.

Seventh grade

Art —Myka Morehead, first; team, first.

Dictionary skills—Myka Morehead, first; team, second.

Editorial writing—Alyssa Roth, fourth.

Impromptu speaking—Derek Walton, third; Sara Meirdierck, sixth.

Listening—Myka Morehead, third; Derek Walton, fourth; team, second.

Mathematics—Myka Morehead, third.

Maps, graphs & char ts—Myka Morehead, second; Derek Walton, fifth; team, second.

Number sense—Myka Morehead, sixth.

Oral reading—Dominique Booker, sixth.

Ready writing—Lindsey Grenwelge, second.

Social studies—D erek Walton, second; Myka Morehead, fifth; team, first.

Spelling—Myka Morehead, first; Lindsey Grenwelge, second; team, first.

Eighth grade

Impromptu speaking—Hunter Farr, second.

One-Act Play—Second. Ready writing—Myka Morehead (competed with 8th graders), fourth.

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