‘Us against them’ hurts the American people

Dear editor,

Political perception is a mysterious thing.

In a letter to the editor in last week’s Reporter, Richard Stone, chairman of the Milam County Democratic Party, brought some apparent hypocrisy into the light.

He noted that Republican Congressman John Carter pretended to be the hero behind federal funding for job training for struggling laid off Alcoa workers when Mr. Carter had actually voted against the legislation that authorized the $2.5 million jobs package.

He also pointed out that Mr. Carter even worked behind the scene against this legislation, but then gladly appeared front and center on stage to present the check and be applauded for appearing to be a champion of local people in need.

It is commendable when this kind of hypocrisy is pointed out emanating from our pretended leaders.

Oh, there is one other little thing. When do you ever hear about it from Mr. Stone’s political party where similar hypocrisy is identified as existing among its own pretended leaders?

The so-called leaders of the Democratic Party, as well as the Republican Party, are equally guilty of continually pointing fingers at each other and consistently declaring that whatever is wrong or evil exists is... “their fault!”

Ever y thing “bad” that happens is “their fault.” Anything perceived as “good” that happens, well that’s a different thing altogether because in that case, then “we” are responsible for that and deserve both credit and congratulations.

Who is kidding whom?

When does either party ever accept responsibility for whatever unfavorable circumstances befall the American people?

The ev idence surrounds us ever y where and it is clear. It is indeed sad to obser ve how the evidence so overwhelmingly speaks for itself. There is plent y of hy pocr isy to be shared equally.

This is definitely not intended as any personal attack on Mr. Stone. To my recollection, we have never even met and I have no agenda there at all.

I am only attempting to point to a larger issue that is working toward the ruin of this nation and the degradation of the entire world that we live in.

A very real and pressing question is, when is either party or any of our pretended national leaders ever going to start being truthful with the people of this great country?

Is it possible for us to realize that it is not “us against them” to finally awaken enough to see that we are all in this together?

No matter how we may choose to label ourselves, can’t we as members of the human race at least identify some fundamental common ground that will allow us to stop name calling and work together for the good of all?

Somehow, I remain hopeful that we can.

John R. Rinn One of the American people

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