Courthouse preservation fund aided Milam

This is the ninth in a series on the Milam County Courthouse and its people.

After Finishing fourth in a statewide competition for a Texas Department of Transportation ISTEA Grant, Milam County began planning restoration work to the courthouse roof, clock tower and, hopefully, to replace the Goddess of Justice statue.

Focusing on the $127,700. needed matching funds, Preserve Our Past (POP) Chair, Mark Humble and the committee began the sale of white granite stones for the “Walk Through History” sidewalk.

Williams Company of Austin was named the architect and EBCO Development, Inc. of Cameron was awarded the construction contract.

In 1999 the ISTEA (Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act) project was complete.

The county auditor’s tentative final report showed revenue of $664, 204.96 and disbursement of $618,717.34 leaving a balance of $45,487.62 in the Preserve Our Past Fund.

The “Walk through History Sidewalk” was yet to be installed.

County Judge Frank Summers interrupted a meeting, announcing that the National Trust for Historic Preservation had placed cour thouses on their list of Endangered Historic Sites.

The Texas Historical Commission would be distributing $50 million in the next two years to Texas counties.

Up to this point, all the past work had been done while the courthouse remained fully occupied and in use.

In Febr uar y 2000, Milam County Commissioners Court (Commissioners Clifford Whiteley, Troy Mode, Dale Jaecks, Burke Bauerschlag and Judge Summers) signed another resolution in support of historic preservation.

In March, Judge Summers appointed a Preserve Our Past Phase II Committee as follows:

Joy Graham (chair), Troy Mode, Jerry Caywood, Betty French, John Johnson, Mary Ann Eanes, Carole Simank, Venetia Beckhusen and Dee Obermiller.

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